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Last week, the people of Ontario went out to the polls and voted during the Ontario Referendum. We were given an option of selecting our candidate and choosing whether or not to change to a new electoral system. I make an effort to go out and vote but sometimes I don’t because I’m not aware about what’s going on. That’s exactly what happened this year with the change of the new electoral system. I didn’t know much about it so I voted against it. The government didn’t do a good job informing everyone either.

I watched the results of the election and saw that the candidate that I voted for had won. I voted for Andrea Horwath of the New Democratic Party (NDP). I don’t know what her platform was in the riding but I know that she planted some trees outside my parent’s house when the neighbourhood requested it. To me, it shows that she can provide results and that’s good enough.

In last week’s election, the Liberals came out the winner. Although the Liberals gained a majority government, they received less than half of the votes. When you compare the percentage of seats won against the percentage of votes, the other parties had a higher proportion. The Liberals received sixty six percent of the 107 available seats but the only received forty three percent of the votes. The NDP received seventeen percent of the votes but only gained nine percent of the seats.

The new electoral system did not get passed. I believe that it was dropped due to the lack of knowledge that people had regarding the new system. I had no idea what it was until a week before the referendum. Now that it’s over, I have a bit of a better idea about what it is. If I had known the difference, I would have voted otherwise.

Basically put, the Mix Member Proportional system would allow voters to cast their votes for their riding and their party. For example, I voted for Andrea Horwath of the NDP but I don’t necessarily want NDP to run the country. I just like the way the NDPs are running the city but I don’t know what they’ll do if they were running the country. The reason for the MMP is to shift the voting patterns made at the Parliament. Since the Liberals has majority of the votes, they get things their way and the other parties can’t do much about it. But with MMP, the Liberals wouldn’t get too much say in everything.

Since the electoral reform was turned down, we won’t know how the voting would have been represented in the Legislature. The Liberals still sway things in their favour but it could have been different if the other parties have been assigned more seats. But then again, I still don’t have a full understanding of how the MMP works but this is just the gist of it.

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  1. Oh I was kind of iffy about it too… went on there website and tired to read, had the same information what we had received in mail, I was talking to my father’s friend, what he told me is the two of our east cost provinces voted in favor of Mixed Member Proportional.

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