Wedding toast

When I was asked to make a speech at Sao and Sokie’s wedding reception, I wasn’t prepared to make one. I wanted to say something nice and memorable but I had no idea what to say. I was only given a week to think of something to say and that wasn’t enough time since I worked a lot. I was more worried about giving the speech than thinking of one. On top of that, since I was the last of the groomsmen to give a speech, I was asked to make a toast as well. The toast was something that I came up with as soon as I walked to the podium. I didn’t get to say everything that I had written down but I did manage to deliver some of it.

To Sao and Sokie,

Would you all join me in raising your glasses. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the bride and groom for sharing this special day with all of us. It’s a unique milestone in their lives and I feel honoured to be a part of it. So cheers to the both of you!

Now, I had a speech written up but I didn’t have access to the internet so I lost it and forgot what I was going to say. Now I have to start from scratch. For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Don. For those of you who do know me, well, I’m sorry but my name is still Don. I’m very honoured to be here today. The bride and groom, the bridesmaid, my fellow groomsmen and everyone involved have done a wonderful job at putting this all together.

I’ve known the bride and groom for some time now. Sao and I practically grew up together. We went to the same school, played the same sports, took similar school subject and occasionally, the same video games. Let me tell you now that the guy that I grew up with is the same guy that is sitting before you. He hasn’t changed much and he’s still his goofy self every now and then. As for Sokie, I’m only beginning to get to know her but since the both of them recently moved in across the street from me, I’ll have plenty of time to get to know them better.

During a speech like this, I guess it’s best that I say some kind words. Now, I’m not one to be giving advices on marriage because I’m not even married myself. I’m not ready for marriage yet but there are some things that came to mind. It’s something that my girlfriend said to me one day. She told me that “it’s important to keep each other happy.” This relates to what Bishop Voeun mentioned earlier at the ceremony. He mentioned how important it was to satisfy each other’s need. There are going to be days in the future where you’re going to run into some obstacles but you have to remember to help each other out. You have to be willing to make that sacrifice because that’s what love is all about.

They say that “if you love someone, let them go. If they come back then it was mean to be.” To that saying, I say that it is wrong. If you love someone, you’re not going to want to risk losing them. If you really love someone, you hang on to them with all your might and you love them with all your heart.

My advice to you, Sao and Sokie is that you continue to love each other day by day. Because after tonight, the true test of your love for each other begins. So love each other with all your hearts and respects each other. Don’t think that you’re better than one another but don’t think that you’re worse either. Think of yourselves as equals because when you’re walking down the road of life together, one of you is not going to lead while the other follows. You’ll be walking together hand in hand, side by side, husband and wife. Value each other’s company and cherish every memory that you build together. Tonight is the beginning of the rest of your lives. May you both know nothing but happiness from this day forward. I wish you two all the best! Congratulations!