Tying the knot

No, I’m not the one that’s getting married. My good friend Sao is getting married to Sokie. They were married on October 6, 2007. I had the honour of being one of the five groomsmen. It was a busy and eventful day with some unexpected twist and turns but I’m glad that everything went according to plan.

Last Saturday, the wedding party had their final meeting. We ran through a few things to make sure that everyone was on the same page. Most of us were except for me and a couple of the other groomsmen. Sao told us that we had to make a speech during the reception. I had no idea what to say because I’m not really good at making speeches. I had a week to come up with something and that’s hard to do when you don’t have much time on your hands. But I did the best that I could and spoke from my heart.

The day before the wedding, all of us got together at church to rehearse the ceremony. The rehearsal wasn’t what I expected because I was use to seeing a different type of ceremony. The bride couldn’t walk down the aisle because there were two aisles. The groom, groomsmen and bishop walked down the right hand aisle while the bride, her father and the bridesmaid walked down the left hand side. The odd thing about this was that the groomsmen walked down the aisle first and then sat down. Then the bishop walked down followed by the groom. When the groom got to where the groomsmen were, he sat down. Then the music got a little louder, that was our queue to get up and walk to the front. Once all of us were standing at the front, the musician played another song to queue the bridesmaids. Then at the end, the bride walked down the aisle with her father and when they get to the front, the father handed over Sokie to Sao.

We ran through this over and over again until it was perfect. The bishop wanted to do this by the book but we had to interject. There were some things that didn’t seem right. One thing that I noticed was the part where I walked in first. This caused a bit of a traffic jam because when we got up to walk to the front, the other groomsmen were in each other’s way. I suggested that I walk in last so I can get up first. I was at the back of the line when we were at the front so it only made sense. The bridesmaid did the same thing only they didn’t walk in together like the groomsmen. They walked in individually with a large gap in between them.

When the wedding day came, everything was going according to plan. Sao and I woke up early to get some last minute errands done. We had planned on getting breakfast before getting ready but that took a bit too much time. All of the errands we ran felt like it took only an hour but before we knew it, it was already time to get ready. The limo was scheduled to pick us up at 12:30pm so we had to get back to the house to get dressed.

Getting dressed doesn’t sound like it’s a hard thing to do but it’s a bit difficult when you have to share the washroom with five guys. Everyone was in and out of the washroom but then it would be occupied because someone had to shower. Something that should have taken us ten minutes to complete ended up taking about an hour. We had to make sure everyone was perfect and that nothing was left undone. Each groomsman ended up helping each other out to make sure that everything was put on correctly. Some of the guys didn’t know about the buttons that goes on with their shirts but it wasn’t a big deal since the vest covered up the button. It’s just that the buttons matched the cuff links.

After we were done getting dressed, we went outside to have some pictures taken. I didn’t realize how hot it was outside until we were out there in our tuxedo. Earlier in the day, it was a bit chilly and all of a sudden it was scorching. It’s a good thing that the limo was air conditioned or else we’d be drenched.

The limo took the guys to the church first and then turned around to get the girls. The church was in London but the girls were in St. Thomas. While we waited for the girls to get to the church, the clouds started to roll in. We feared that it was going to rain and possibly ruin the wedding down. We gathered outside the front entrance to speak with some of the people that arrived early. When we tried to go inside, we found that the doors were still locked. That meant that we’re the first few to arrive. That also meant that the florist hadn’t arrived yet to arrange the flowers. We found out later that our fear was coming to life. It started to pour like no tomorrow. I could see on Sao’s face that he was starting to get worried. It’s his wedding day and things are starting to go downhill.

It would be an hour before the limo would return with the bride and the bridesmaid. The rain seemed to come and go but we were hoping that the rain would stop completely because we still had to go to the park to get pictures.

By the time the ceremony ended, the rain had stopped and the sun had come out. Things were starting to look up again. The day went by fairly quickly and things were back on track. Before heading to the hall for the evening reception, we all decided to grab a small bite to eat. We stopped by McDonald’s to get something small. A meal was served at the hall but we were hungry now. We didn’t know exactly when the food was going to be served so we just grab a little something.

I wasn’t worried too much about the food. I had a speech to give and that had me worried a lot more. I had written what I wanted to say on my blog but I didn’t have access to the internet the whole day so I was trying to remember what I had written down. Every chance that I had, I would try to recall what I had jotted down but I could only remember a few sentences. When it was my turn to speak, I just went with the flow and said whatever came to my head.

The night went by without any disruption. It was a pleasant evening and fun was had by all. Everyone congratulated the newlyweds and wished them a happy life together. Those who were still sober drove back home and those who were too drunk ended up staying the night in the hotel. I didn’t want to stay the night because I had a girl waiting for me back in Hamilton.