Comfortable lifestyle

I haven’t been in the workforce for that long but I’m already thinking about retirement. My dream would be to retire by the age of forty but I’m not sure I can save that much right now to reach that goal. Instead, I’ll do what others are doing and plan for retirement at the age […]


I’ve written in my blog before about how I’m taking on other people’s debt in order to help them out. When I took those debts, I was under the assumption that it would help them in their daily lives. As it stands, my helping them hasn’t changed a thing. They are still in the same […]

Referendum Ontario

In just over a week’s time, Ontario will be going to the polls to decide which electoral system the province will use. We will be choosing whether to stay with the current system or switch to an alternative system. From my understanding of the system, I’ve already made up my mind as to which one […]

Wedding toast

When I was asked to make a speech at Sao and Sokie’s wedding reception, I wasn’t prepared to make one. I wanted to say something nice and memorable but I had no idea what to say. I was only given a week to think of something to say and that wasn’t enough time since I […]

Tying the knot

No, I’m not the one that’s getting married. My good friend Sao is getting married to Sokie. They were married on October 6, 2007. I had the honour of being one of the five groomsmen. It was a busy and eventful day with some unexpected twist and turns but I’m glad that everything went according […]