Crashed drive

A couple of weeks ago, I was awaken by my girlfriend and a clicking sound. At first, I didn’t care what the clicking sound was. I just woke up and wondered what my girlfriend wanted. When I came to, she asked me if I can hear a clicking sound. I didn’t realize it at first but the clicking sound was there. It took me a while to figure out where the clicking noise was coming from but then I saw it. Sitting right beside me was my Dell Latitude D400 laptop. When I figured out that it was my laptop, I feared the worse.

I’ve had my laptop for over five years. I received it as a Christmas present from my friend. When he gave it to me, it was poorly wrapped so I thought it was a binder but after taking a closer look, I saw that it was a laptop. It was probably the best Christmas present that I’ve received that year. It was totally unexpected. I must have spend the whole day playing around with it and everything.

Close up of laptop

During all of the years that I’ve had it, the laptop has never failed me. It served its purpose and it served it well. It was very useful throughout my college days because the computer labs were always full. I spend most of my college days in the X wing of the campus. That wing had wireless internet available and I was able to connect to that. Everything that I did at school was done on my laptop. PowerPoint presentations. Website graphics designs. C++ codes. I did all of my school work on my laptop. I barely touched my home computer.

And now, I am on the verge of losing all of that. Currently installed in my laptop is a 60 GB hard drive. I’ve split the drive into two partitions. I’ve reserved 40 GB for my Windows XP partition and the remaining 20 GB was used for Fedora Linux. I only used the Linux OS every now and then. Most of my time was spent on working in Windows. So now, I have to figure out a way to back up 40 GB of data.


As you can see, I have about 16gb worth of data in my “My Documents” folder. That considers of photographs that I’ve taken, website designs, PHP coding, school assignments etc. That folder contains the most valuable of all my data. Some of them are backed up but it’s been a while since I’ve updated that backup. The most recent of my work are all stored on my laptop.

At the present rate, I should be able to copy over the 16 GB folder before I finish this blog. After that, I’ll have to see if I can recover the other non-crucial folders. What I would like to do is image the partition and then throw it back onto a new drive but right now, I just want to copy over the important files first. It would be more convenient to image the drive because I don’t want to have to reinstall all the software that came with the laptop. With the way things are going now, I think I’ll be able to get my data onto a healthy new drive soon. As the files are copying, my hard drive isn’t making any noise which is a good sign.