I’m from the Hammer, yo

Every once in awhile, I’m out in Waterdown. My girlfriend has rehearsal there for a play and she’s usually there till 9:00 PM or so. Usually, I’ll drive her to the theatre and wait for her. While I’m waiting, I drive around and do some site seeing with my camera. There’s not much else to do in Waterdown since it’s such a small city.

A couple of nights ago, while waiting for Jenn, I decided to head down to Waterdown Falls. I remember seeing the entrance to Smokey Hollow trail when I was driving but I wasn’t sure where it lead to. It was getting dark so I didn’t want to go too far. Luckily, the waterfall was right by the entrance.

Smokey Hollow

The area was known as Smokey Hollow trail which is part of the Bruce trail. I can recall one summer when I came here with some friends. We all rode our bikes to this place to go fishing. I didn’t have a fishing rod so I just tagged along for the ride. That summer, all my friends wanted to do was go fishing. I wasn’t much of a fisher because I got bored easily. I didn’t want to just sit there waiting for a fish to bite. My friends on the other hand, had a lot of patience for fishing. At least, I think the did since they went almost every day.

Smokey Hollow entrance

At the bottom of these steps was the platform that you would stand on if you wanted to see the waterfall. If you wanted to be right up close to it, you could head to the right of the stairs. There’s a small little opening that leads you to the banks. Or you could open down from the platform. The rails weren’t that high off the grounds anyway.

Waterdown Falls

This fall isn’t as big as the other falls that I’ve visited. There isn’t much too look at either. The falls is about ten meters high so you could probably jump down it but I wouldn’t recommend that since the landing spot is full of rocks and it doesn’t look that deep either.

To the left of the entrance is the path to the trail. The trail is about four kilometers long but I was not in any condition to walk the whole trail. Especially since I was wearing flip flops. If I had my running shoes, I would have considered heading down the trail and doing a little sightseeing but with the sun going down, I probably wouldn’t see much.

Mike, Naomi and Dan

As I was taking pictures of the fall, a few people stopped by to hang out in the area. I was going to leave since it would have felt a bit awkward to be standing around doing nothing but I stayed for a bit. One of them, Dan asked me some questions about my camera and how the picture quality was. I told him that it was alright but the pictures were turning out a bit dark. He said that his friend’s pictures were coming out just fine. His friend had a digital camera as well. I explained to him the reason why my pictures were turning out dark and we chit chat for a bit.

Eventually, I ended up just chilling out with them and just talking about random stuff here and there. It was nothing important, just small talk to kill some time.

Naomi: You’re Filipino right?
Me: No, I’m Cambodian.
Dan: Oh yeah. Are you from around here?
Me: No, I’m from Hamilton. I’m just here waiting for my girlfriend to be done with rehearsal.
Naomi: Yeah? She’s an actress huh? What play is she in?
Me: Actually, she’s doing some costume designing right now. She’s over at the Village Theatre working on “The Hobbits.”
Naomi: Good for her. That’s good that she’s doing all this stuff. So what about you? What do you do?
Mike: He goes to Mac! I know this guy, he goes to Mac!
Dan: Shut up! How do you know he goes to Mac?
Mike: Trust me, B. I know this. So what do you do?
Naomi: You’re a photographer aren’t you?
Me: No, actually, I’m a Computer Technician.
Dan: You working in Hamilton?
Me: Yeah man.
Dan: No way. You’re not from Hamilton. If you’re from Hamilton then tell me what a “breach” is.
Me: I don’t think I know what that is.
Dan: Then you’re not from Hamilton because if you did you would know.
Me: Well, I’m from Hamilton but I don’t know what that is.
Naomi: He’s from Hamilton. He’s probably one of those good one.
Dan: You mean to tell me you’re from Hamilton and you’ve never had a breach of parole?
Me: Breach of parole. Hell no.
Dan: So you don’t have a criminal record at all?
Me: Nothing man.
Dan: Yo Mike! You got to take a picture with me and this guy. I’ve never met someone from Hamilton who doesn’t have a criminal record.

At first, I wasn’t sure what Dan was saying. It sounded like he was asking me if I knew what a bridge was but the waterfall was a bit loud so I didn’t quite hear him. So apparently, people from Hamilton have some sort of criminal record, at least the Asian ones. Then Mike started asking me if I knew someone by the name of “Q” who lives in the Queen building. I told him that i remember going to school with someone with that name but I probably didn’t know him that well.


Mike and I continued talking while Dan and Naomi went off on their way. He told me about how he was in jail for a while and now he’s clean and making something out of his life. He’s got a full time job in Oakville, working with this dad and makes almost as much as I do. He sounded like he was a nice guy. All of them sounded like they were nice. They all talked like they were gangsters and all but I didn’t hear anything bad. The whole time they were talking, it was just joking around and making fun of each other.

Before I left, Mike invited me over to his place to chill out some more but I had prior arrangements. Plus, most of the people there would have been drinking and I’m not much of a drinker. I’ve even added Mike to my list of friends on Facebook. It’s kind of cool how Facebook can connect people.