Hi diddly ho neighbourino!

As I was finishing up dinner the other night, I received a phone call from a friend. I’m one of his groomsmen so I thought he was calling to inform me of the tuxedo fitting date. We’re supposed to head over to Moore’s to be fitted for our tuxedos. We went a few months ago but one of the employees recommended that we get fitted for about four to six weeks before the wedding. That’s what I assumed the call was about but it wasn’t.

Sao and Sokie are bride and groom to be. I was helping out with their Stag N’ Doe last week in St. Thomas. Sokie and I left Hamilton but Sao was in New Market for a church meeting. The drive from Hamilton to St. Thomas is about two to three hours so I feel his pain when he had to drive from New Market to St. Thomas. That’s about a six hours drive, more or less depending on traffic.

When Sao called me, he asked me what street I lived on. I assumed he heard from his sister that I moved out. Not too many people know I moved out of my parent’s house. I only told those whom I see often. Sao isn’t one that I see that much because he lives up the mountain. I rarely go up to visit him since he lives so far and I don’t always have a call.

I told Sao that I live on Burris Street and I thought that maybe he was going to tell me that he just passed by that street. The conversation we had over the phone was a bit surprising to me.

Me: Yeah, I’m over on Burris now.
Sao: You’re kidding me! I rented an apartment on Burris.
Me: Really, where abouts? I don’t know of any apartments on Burris.
Sao: It’s more like a house. I renting one of the floors.
Me: What’s the house number?
Sao: 92 Burris.
Me: What?! That’s like three doors down and across the street. When did you move in there?
Sao: I haven’t yet. I’m heading there now actually. We’re moving in some of our stuff.
Me: No way! That’s crazy!
Sao: Yeah, we’ll be there shortly.
Me: Alright. I’ll be outside to spot you.

A minute after I got off the phone, Sao drove by and parked at the bar. He and Sokie were stopping by to get the keys from the landlord and to move in some of their belongings. I’m assuming that they’re moving in at the end of the month. My girlfriend seemed a bit surprised about this too. It just seems that more and more of my friends are entering her world. I have a couple of friends who work with her, a cousin who’s dating a guy that was in a play that she stage managed and now a couple of friends living close by. In a way, it’s like she’s claustrophobic. Everyone likes some privacy but it’s like her privacy is being invaded. But it’s not like I can control any of it. Things happen whether I like it or not.

I welcomed Sao and Sokie into the neighbourhood. They were moving into the second floor of a nice looking house. I thought they were going to buy a house after their wedding. I heard from a few friends that their parents wanted to help them with a down payment but I guess that’s not going to happen anymore. I gave them a warning about the neighbourhood as well. First and foremost, parking in at the bar is bad because the old man will come out and yell at you. Apparently, it’s more important to him that people going to the bar to go drinking gets a parking spot. Of course that does make a lot of sense. I guess it’s a lot easier for the people who have been drinking to walk to their car if it’s closer to the bar.

It’s good that I have someone I know living close by. My girlfriend and I don’t know too many people on the street. She’s been living there for a while and hardly knows anyone. I’ve met with the guy that lives next door a couple of times. He saw me building the picnic table and asked if I wanted to borrow an electric saw. There are a few others that lives in that house but I haven’t met them yet. And now there’s Sao and Sokie. Looks like I might be throwing some more barbecue a lot sooner than I had expected.