Picnic table completed

My picnic table has been completed. All of the pieces are in places and everything is stable. At first it wasn’t but that was because I was lacking the support pieces. I had to handsaw then myself because I didn’t want to ask the neighbour for his electric saw. I only needed to make four cuts and that’s not too hard.

As you can see in the picture below, the support pieces are not yet in place. If you sat on this table, it will rock side to side for a bit. The screws are strong enough to hold the table in place but I don’t want to trust the screws.

Picnic table completed

I had to cut up a couple of pieces at a forty five degree angle and attach them to the table and the legs. According to my calculations, those pieces had to be twenty six inches long. As you can see, my calculations were incorrect. My measurements were correct though. The length of the wood was twenty six inches long but I made the wrong side twenty six inches. The short side was supposed to be twenty six inches but the longer side had to be at least thirty two inches.


Nonetheless, the table is stable enough for people to sit on. They can try rocking it side to side but it doesn’t sway far. It doesn’t feel like the table will move at all.


The table is a little messy with all my tools lying around. Most of the items on the table were purchased recently because I’ve never had any use for them until now. The cordless drill that I have there is a little broken. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t have as much power as it did the first time. It’s not weak because of the battery either because I usually have a second one charging. When I plug the fresh battery in, it’s still weak. I’ve only had it for a couple of months and I haven’t been using it for that long so I don’t know why it’s so weak now. I’ll have to call warranty on it soon.

I also bought three packages of #12 screws. The first package had two hundred fifty two inches screws but they were a bit short in length. The second set was supposed to be three inches long but when I was screwing in the legs I saw that the screws were sticking out. I looked at the label and saw that it said three and a half inches long. So I went back to Canadian Tire and bough the three inches screws. Basically, I took out all of the two inches screws and replaced them with three inches screws. Any pieced that could handle the three and a half inches screws, I left them in.

Screw holes

You can see some of the mistakes that I’ve made. Initially, I was going to use one screw to hold the pieces in place but because some of the pieces were warped, I had to use to make sure that it doesn’t come out. I used the three and a half inch screws for these pieces since it the screws were not going to be visible.

When I had the barbecue, some of my friend got a chance to test out the table. Some of them said that it was great while a couple of them couldn’t sit in it. I had the benches too close to the table itself. I should have pulled it out a few inches so that your chest isn’t right up against the edge of the table. This problem shouldn’t be too hard to fix. All I have to do is unscrew all the benches and move it out a bit. A simple task nonetheless but I’m just lazy now that it’s done. I’ve got a few days before the next barbecue so there’s no rush.