Pull over

I was pulled over by a police officer last night but I don’t know why. I didn’t bother to ask him why because I was too tired. It seemed like it was a random stop. I wasn’t speeding. I signaled when I switched lanes. I stopped at every red light. I had my seat belt on. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but I was pulled over for something.

My girlfriend and I decided to go watch The Simpson movie yesterday. After the movie, we went over to her mom’s to get the car. As we were driving home, a police cruiser passed us. I was going the speed limit so nothing happened. Further down the street were a few more police cruisers. They had stopped a driver and arrested him for something. His truck was surrounded by three or four police cars. The cruiser that was driving close to us sped up and joined the other police cars. He was in my lane so I had to switch lanes to pass him.

We got a few blocks away from the crime scene when I noticed that the police car finished talking to his buddies and continued on his way. When we got about a block from the house, he decides to pull us over. At first, I thought he wanted to run the red light so he put on his flashers. Since I had to turn right to get to the house, I did so. But unfortunately, he followed us onto our street. I pulled over and waited for the officer to get out of his car.

He got out of his cruiser and approached my car. He asked me for identification, ownership and insurance. I gave him my drivers’ licence but nothing else. He asked for my girlfriend’s identification as well but we told him that it’s at home. My girlfriend and I were in a rush to get to the movies so she didn’t bring her wallet. The officer asked us again for my girlfriend’s identification so I had to tell him again that she didn’t have it because we were in a rush to go watch The Simpson movie. He asked where we were going. My girlfriend and I said that we’re heading home. He asked where that way and both of us pointed. Our house was right there and he could see it. He nodded and walked back to his car.

After about five to ten minutes of waiting, the officer returned with some papers in his hand. He gave me back my drivers’ licence and also handed me a ticket for not having my ownership. He could have given me a ticket for not having insurance but he saw in the computers that the car was insured. He explained that I should have my ownership with me at all time. I didn’t feel like saying anything so I just nodded.

When he was done, he walked back to his car and we drove away. We drove ten meters to our house. Talk about bad luck. We were seconds away from the house and we get pulled over for no apparent reason. I guess the officer was just doing a routine random check. I can’t argue with him for the ticket since he was right. I know I should always have my ownership with me but we were in a bit of a rush. Plus, it’s not like we were far away from home. If he wanted to see it, we could have walked over to our house, maybe invite him in for milk and cookies and show in the papers.

So in the end, I received a $110 ticket for not having my ownership. The ticket was for $80 but there was a $30 charge for something which I don’t know. It shows a total payable amount for $110. Usually, I pay these tickets right away to avoid any further problems but this time I don’t feel like it. I have fifteen days to pay for it but I don’t see what they’re going to do if I don’t. If I don’t pay, I could have my driver’s licence suspended but I don’t really care about that since I don’t really need one. I can take the bus or walk to where I want to go. The thing that worries me the most is that they might report this to the credit bureau and mess up my credit rating. But I can wait till they send me a notice of that. I’ll end up paying for this ticket some time soon but they can wait. I need that $110 to buy other stuff.

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  1. challenge it in court. that is a bullshit charge. he profiled you for some reason, pulled you over and found a reason to give you a ticket. maybe he was having a bad day, or on a power trip; but that is horseshit and an invasion of your freedom.
    I’d challenge it. i hate when cops pull crap like that. I’m offended just hearing about it.

  2. I barely have time to go to court to fight this. I get 30 min for lunch and it probably takes that long to get downtown. He seemed like a nice guy, I mean, he did give me a “break” with the other offense…

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