Take the money and run

If I found a bag full of money, I would keep it. I’m an honest guy but if I find money that’s just lying around, I’m not going to take the time to track down the owner and return it to the guy. That money goes straight to my pocket. Well, not into my pocket, more like straight to the cash register of a local retail store since I’ll be buying a whole whack of stuff with it.

A while ago, I read a story of a Philippine taxi drive who found $17,000 and return it. For his honesty, he was rewarded $32. I think he would have been much better off keeping the $17,000 rather than returning it. Yes, bringing it back to the owner is the honest thing to do but if this money was really important to the guy, he wouldn’t have been so absent-minded about it and left it in the cab.

No one would have known that the taxi driver was the only with the lost cash. What other people don’t know won’t hurt them. He could have taken the money and made his life a little better. By bringing the money back to its owner, he was labeled an honest made and was rewarded for his good doing. So what? I bet you by now, no one remembers his good dead. The person that lost the money probably remembers that someone returned his lost goods but do you think he still remembers his name? Some how, I highly doubt that.

4 replies on “Take the money and run”

  1. Of course, for 17000$, I would have never tried to track the owner. However, I’m always happy to return it to the owner in an appropriate circumstance.
    Anyways, 32$ as reward is absurd.

  2. It would be quite illegal to keep the bag without reporting it to an authority. If found out, and a owner comes forward you’d be in a whack of shit.

  3. because people have big mouths; the risk may be small, but life is too short to spend 7 years in jail.
    now, if we’re talking millions…:)

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