More than meets the eye

I got the chance to go watch the Transformers movie and let me know it, I was very impressed. I had high expectations for this movie because it’s my favourite movie of all time and I was not let down. I loved every minute of it. I don’t think I blinked throughout the whole movie. If you have seen it yet, I would recommend that you go see it. It was so good that I would go see it again. And I’d take you with me!

This movie has got to be the most highly anticipated movie of all time. All of the people that grew up in the eighties waited a long time for something like this to come out. The cartoon version was okay but the real life version was way better. Cinematic effects has progress a lot since then and now the robots are life sized and more real looking. If you don’t want to go see the movie for the plot, then seeing the transformation sequence is good enough.

Every robot had thousands of moving pieces and each piece had to movie in conjunction with the rest. With a $150 million budget, you’d have to put on a good show. Michael Bay, director of Transformers, did just that. He filled every scene with non-stop action. The robots look more realistic than any other movie that I’ve seen. One of the robot even starts to break dance.


At the beginning of the mode, we see a Decepticon attacking a US military base in Qatar. Blackout, a Decepticon that transforms into a helicopter emits an electromagnetic pulse and disables the machines on the base. After he’s crippled the base, he goes after their database and starts hacking into their system, looking for information. Once he got the information that he was looking for, he broadcasted it to the other Decepticons and they go out looking for their target.


Archibald Witwicky made a discovery of a life time when he found something in Antarctica. Since then, he had long passed away but left his remains to his family. Sam Witwicky is a high school student who’s looking to get his first car. His dad promised that he would help him only if he got three A’s in school which he did.


They go to a car dealership and look around for a car. That’s when Sam saw a rusty old Camaro which is Bumblebee in disguise. The car salesman was trying to sell Bumblebee for $5,000 even though he had no idea where the old Camaro came from. Sam wasn’t willing to spend that much money so Bumblebee helped by destroy all the cars in the area by using his speakers to shatter all the windows of the other cars. The salesman thought that the car was possessed and sold it quickly.

As the movie goes on, Bumblebee flees to a junkyard where he starts to transmit a signal to the rest of the Autobots. When Bumblebee leaves Sam’s house, Sam thinks that his car is being stolen so he chases it down. When he finally catches up with it, he sees Bumblebee in his robot form and starts to freak out.

Later on, Sam runs into Barricade, a Decepticon that transforms into a police car. Sam thought that the police car was there to help him but instead, he tried to hurt him because it wanted information. Luckily, Bumblebee arrives and saves Sam from Barricade. Bumblebee and Barricade starts fighting.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime looks awesome in the movie. The guy that did the voice of Optimus Prime is the same guy that did his voice in the original cartoon series although, he didn’t speak much in the movie. Some of his lines were the same lines in the cartoon. In vehicle mode, he’s just a truck but in robot mode, he’s a two story tall robot. I’ve heard that the designers worked with engineers to make sure that every part is as realistic as possible. Every part of his body is supposed to interact with the other parts. If you want to see the detail of it all, you can view a high quality version of it on Wikipedia.

Anyway, overall, this movie was wicked awesome! I had high expectations for it and those expectations were met. When I have time, I plan on going to see it again. It’s rare that I go and see a movie twice. If I do see it more than once, usually the second time is on DVD but Transformers is so good that I want to see it again in theatres. It’s worth it too.