It’s never enough

I don’t quite understand why people are always looking for more. Why can’t they accept what is given to them and move on? Just because you work for a large company doesn’t mean that you have to milk it for all it’s worth. Some people are never pleased with what they have. Don’t they know that other people in the company have less?

Today, I had to set up a new laptop for a new employee that started a copy of days ago. I had to use another employee’s laptop because we were on back order. This employee walked into my department and requested a laptop because he didn’t have a computer to use. Normally, he would have to follow procedure and request it through his manager. We sent him back to his department and told him to request the hardware the proper way.

The next day, he came back and asked if his laptop was ready. It’s very impatient of him to ask for something one day and assume that it would be ready the following day. I understand that it might not be entirely his fault since he’s rather new to the company. His manager should have known better to request the laptop beforehand.

We’re not expecting another shipment of laptops until the end of the week but we had one that we were saving for an employee that was currently off site. I took that laptop and configured it for the new guy. When everything was done, I brought it over to him. His coworker was pleased to see that we got him a laptop so quickly but he didn’t quite seem too happy.

I was going to just drop off the laptop and get back to work but he quickly stopped me to ask some questions. He brought the laptop back to his desk and proceeded to take out the laptop. No matter how I answered his questions, he tried to talk me into getting him more.

Employee: This is a new laptop right?
Me: Of course it’s new. Why wouldn’t it be?
Employee: Okay, so where can I get a docking station?
Me: I don’t think we provide docking stations.
Employee: Yes, you do. Look, he’s got one.
Me: Well, then I would suggest that you ask him where he got it from because we don’t supply that.
Employee: Come on buddy. Could you get me one?
Me: Dude, I don’t even have one. How am I supposed to get you one?
Employee: Come on.
Me: Look, if you want one, you’ll have to put in a hardware/software request and get your manager to approve it.
Employee: Okay. What about an LCD monitor?
Me: You’ll have to put in a request for that too. If we gave you a desktop and maybe we would have given you an LCD monitor but you have a laptop so you don’t need one.
Employee: Yes, but she’s got one.
Me: Well, I’m sure that she might have requested one from her manager.
Employee: So you can’t get me an LCD monitor.
Me: No, I’m sorry. I can’t do that.
Employee: Okay. What about a keyboard? You can get me that right? It’s just a keyboard.
Me: No, not even. We only hand out keyboards to people who has a desktop computer.
Employee: You can’t even get me a keyboard?
Me: What do you need a keyboard for? You got a brand new laptop. It has an LCD display and a keyboard attached to you. Can’t you use that?
Employee: I can’t work like this. I need an LCD and a keyboard at least.
Me: Then you’ll have to run that by your manager and get it approved. I can’t get you anything without a hardware/software request. I can’t give out keyboards because all the keyboards we have are supposed to be deployed with the desktop computers.
Employee: Come on. See what you can do for me, okay?
Me: There isn’t much I can do.
Employee: Come on buddy?
Me: Okay, I’ll see what I can do.

Like I told him, there wasn’t anything I could do. I went back to my desk and sat down. All of the new desktop computers that we received came with a keyboard. If I gave him a keyboard, one of those desktops wouldn’t have a keyboard. It’s pointless to supply him something that he doesn’t need when someone else can put it to better use. If someone gave me a laptop, I would be happy with just that. I’m not going to ask for something more. This guy is new to the company and already he’s breaking the rules. We have procedures in place in order to keep things organized. There were six people who requested LCD monitors but they did it the proper way. They put in a request to their managers and it was approved. Now they just have to wait for a new shipment to arrive and they’re all set. This guy wants to jump straight to the front of the line, bypassing the manager approving stage. He may be new to the company but he’s already on my watch list. People like this get a low priority in my book.

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  1. So you took another employee’s laptop and gave it to him? What if that employee came back and started looking for his laptop? You gonna say you gave it to the new guy? I’m not sure what he will do but he “might” send those words to your boss. Now that the new guy has a laptop, did you make sure he signed a letter that says he is in procession of it? First thing came to my mind after reading all these items he have asked for, was that he might want to steal them. Because when you fill out an request application, it goes on the record right? Therefore if it’s gone, he’ll have to pay for it. Be tough Don. He’s only a new guy. You have higher seniority than him. Unless he’s going to be a cock sucker…

  2. I had to use another employee’s laptop but it’s okay cuz that employee is going on vacation and won’t need a new laptop till he gets back.

    Everyone in the company is assigned an asset and it’s recorded in a database so everything should be accounted for. Sometimes they forget to tell I.T that they’re moving to another department so they leave the computer for another person to use but that computer is still assigned to them.

    It’s all good. I told the guy to go through the proper procedure if he wants something. He’s slowly starting to listen. But just to be nice, we gave him a mouse pad. I don’t think he’ll need it since he’s got an optical mouse…

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