Grandma’s here

After years of paperwork, my grandmother has finally arrived in Canada. Her flight landed in Toronto on Monday, June 11. Originally, my father was supposed to go to Cambodia to get her but he became ill and was unable to make the flight. Instead, my friend’s dad went over and accompanied her.

I’m not sure exactly when they left Cambodia but the flight is usually about 24hrs long. I think their plane landed around 6:00pm on Monday so they probably left Cambodian around Sunday evening. I’ve heard that since this is their final destination, they would be stuck in customs while they’re luggage gets checked by security.

I was stuck at work until 6:00pm so I wasn’t able to join the rest of the family at the airport. I was under the assumption that someone would call me as soon as they arrived home with my grandma but no one did. I was over at Jenn’s house doing some chores to pass the time. But after 8:00pm I still hadn’t heard anything from anyone. That’s when I decided to head home to see what’s happening.

When I arrived at home, I saw that everyone was already there. I walked into the living room and saw that my grandma was sitting down. I didn’t recognize her at first because she didn’t look like her pictures. She looked a lot smaller in person.

Just about all of my immediate family was home including my uncle who now lives in London. I didn’t stay to chat with my grandma for long because i still had work to do. The uncle that was in London had brought his computer over for me to fix so I got that out of the way first. I had plenty of time to catch up with my grandma but little time to fix the computer.

I really didn’t know what to say to her. I don’t remember ever meeting her in person. I came to Canada since I was five years old and I don’t remember much about my life at that age. Also, my Khmer isn’t that strong so I’m going to have a hard time having a conversation with her. I know that I’m going to be saying some words in English and some in Khmer. By the time I left Thailand, I only managed to get to Grade 1 in school so my vocabulary in Khmer is equivalent to a five year old. I think my vocabulary will improve since I’ll be using the language more often.

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  1. Wherever there is a will, there’s a way. In the end your family got to reunite with one another. Congratulations, bro!

    Really wonder how your Khmer sounds. Hehehe.. I am sure it will improve in no time. Try to talk to your grandma as often as you can. Hehe.

  2. I spoke with Wanna during the winter and he said that my Khmer is okay.. he was able to understand a little bit of it… but then again, I was switching between English and Khmer most of the time…

  3. Yay! Grandmas are the best! 🙂 She must be happy to come to Canada, but I think she might get bored easily here unless you find her some other people she can make friends with. I know that there is a chinese couple that came to canada (they’re little bit older.. like 60s) and the thing they don’t like about Canada is that it is rather boring. :S So I guess the only way to make it not boring is to make some friends. And they can all go to the Farmer’s Market together 😛 (That’s what my grandparents do!)

  4. I think my grandma is already bored… she’s at home most of the time watching tv… either she’s enjoying the luxury of entertainment available on tv or she’s bored silly… maybe my grandma and your grandma can become friends and go to the market together.. 😛

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