Power down

I was playing tennis on my Nintendo Wii when all of a sudden it suddenly turned off. I looked over at my dad’s laptop and it flicked for a bit. Then I hear my aunt yelling at my uncle because he went into the washroom and all of a sudden the lights went out. I rushed outside to see what was going on but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then I saw my neighbour come out of his out, looking around as well. He doesn’t talk so he made some hand gestures to me. It appears that there was a blackout.

I’m not sure how big this black out is but it appears to have affected my neighbourhood. I can see that the buildings across the street don’t have power. The sun is still out so it’s hard to tell if they’re affected too but I don’t see any lights on in the buildings. I’m stuck outside so I’m taking the time to write some stuff in my blog since I haven’t done so in a while.

The blackout seemed to have lasted for about ten minutes. The traffic lights aren’t affected at all as they are still on and working fine. I can see the lights slowly starting to come on across the street but my house is still without power. But then again, those buildings could be running on a backup generator. My neighbours are out on their porch as well so it looks like my whole street is waiting for the hydro company to put as back on the grid.

The good thing about these blackouts is that it forces you to go outside and relax a bit. The weather is nice out so there’s really no point in staying indoors. It was a bit windy earlier and it was raining pretty hard but all of that is over now and the weather has cleared up. The back thing about a blackout is that you’re without power for an unknown amount of time. My laptop has just enough juice for me to type this out but I have no idea when it’s going to go. My cell phone battery is slowly draining but I need it to make a phone call in a few minutes. The phone that’s in the house required electricity since it’s a newer phone. The older phones didn’t need that much power and used the power that was coming from the telephone jack.

I guess for now, this is all that I’m going to write about. The battery on my laptop is down to 13% and it’s rapidly draining because I’m using the wireless card. But it’s enjoy juice to type this out and get it publish. Until next time, I hope that everyone else is with power and enjoying themselves.