I finally have my hands on a Nintendo Wii. After months of waiting and anticipating, the Wii is mine. A couple of my friends are jealous right now because I managed to get one but that’s too bad for them. If they really wanted one, they should have gotten to know my cool friend, Carole. And I didn’t even have to wait in line to get a hold of one either. I went to bed, woke up, and received a phone call. And it was a done deal.

I didn’t have to work Wednesday so I was going to stop by the Walmart on Upper James to ask if they had a Wii available. I was willing to stay up until they opened just to go and check it out. But the night before, my good friend Carole said that she was going to go to Walmart later in the day. She’s had very good luck in finding the Wii. She bought one for her boyfriend, her boss and even managed to secure one for myself. I don’t know how she does it. She probably has some inside connection with someone that works at Walmart or something.

Around 3:00pm yesterday afternoon, my phone rang. The ringtone that I had set up for Carole’s phone was the song in the Pepsi commercial. At first, I thought I was dreaming because I hadn’t heard that ringtone in a long time but then again, Carole never calls me. But that day, she called to let me know that Walmart had a Wii in stock. I had just woken up but the news of me getting a Wii made me wide awake. I jumped at the opportunity to one the moment she asked if I wanted it.

Carole gave me the details of what came with the system. The box included one controller so she asked if I wanted another one. Her boyfriend, Ricky said that it’s a bit boring if you only have one controller so I asked her to grab me another one. The total for the system and the extra controller came out to about $400. I received my income tax return that week and I still had some money left over so basically, the government bought me a Wii.

Nintendo Wii

Later that night, Carole dropped off the Wii and I hid it in my room so my little brothers wouldn’t see it. Then I went upstairs and told them that I had a Wii but they didn’t believe me. But when I brought out the box, they got all excited. I told them that they weren’t allowed to play and my little brother wanted to tell my mom on me. What he doesn’t understand is that I bought it. Well, Carole bought it but I paid her back.

Nintendo Wii

We quickly took out the entire component from the box and started setting it up. Hooking up the Wii wasn’t a problem. And the initial set up to configure the remote controls were a breeze as well. The console looked very nice and clean. I felt like I was going to dirty it just by touching it.

Nintendo Wii

The Wii remote and Nunchuck fit nicely in my hands. It took a while to get use to how it interacts with the console. Plus, there’s a bit of a delay. Also, being left handed, I had to change some of the settings. I hold the Wii remote in my right hand and the nunchuck goes in my left hand.

Nintendo Wii

The system came with Wii Sports which included baseball, bowling, boxing, golf and tennis. All of the games are very fun to play but my favourite at the moment is tennis. Baseball is a bit weird because it seems when you hit the ball, it goes in whatever direction it wants. I’m not sure if there’s a way to control where you hit it yet since I’ve only made it once. Boxing is okay too but sometimes my character doesn’t punch when I punch. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the location of the sensor bar. The television was placed about two foot off the ground and the sensor bar is sitting right on top of it. Maybe I just need practice. Golf is fun but the control seems weird as well. Sometimes, when I swing, it doesn’t do anything. Then again, maybe I need practice with this game too. As for tennis, it’s just fun to watch because your character goes for the ball all the time. When you swing and miss, they sort of dive towards the ball in an attempt to get it. I just find it funny when they dive.

Also, I’ve set up the internet connection for the Wii as well. At first, I thought that an extra Wi-Fi piece was needed to get online but it turns out that the Wii has a built-in Wi-Fi card. But I heard from a couple of friends that I had to buy an extra USB device to plug into the Wii. So I asked my brother to buy one, only to find out that we didn’t need it. So I’ll have to return it to Walmart to get a refund.

Once I was online, I downloaded a few updates and some extra software. In order to download some software, you need points. I’m not sure how to earn points but I know that you can buy it. There were a couple of software that didn’t require any points so I download those two. I download the Opera browser and some voting channel thing. The browser was kind of cool. It allowed you to do the regular browsing stuff like scrolling and clicking. But there was a zooming function as well. I haven’t played with all the features yet but I know that I can view YouTube videos on the Wii.

There was also a News Channel and a Forecast Channel. I set up the forecast channel to display the weather for Hamilton. But if you wanted to see the weather for another city, you can zoom out and spin the globe to see the weather for other cities as well. The news channel had headline news and it sorted the information in categories. I viewed the international news and the technology news, just to see what kind of news it had to offer.

Overall, my first impression of the Wii is that I love it! I didn’t get a chance to play it much since I had to run to work. But my family members are getting a workout just by playing it. I think I’m a little sore too from boxing. I have a few night shifts left so I was thinking of bringing the Wii to work and playing it on the projection screen. No one plays with the Wii at night time anyway so no one will know it’s missing. I just might do that during my last night shift.

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  1. LOL, don’ you’re too funny. And yes, boxing is killer. I get so worn down after playing it haha

  2. Savann was over playing boxing against my mom and my mom beat him. Gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘Mama say knock you out!’

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