Two weeks notice

There comes a time when one has to move on to bigger and better things. The time for me to leave my present work and onto another job has come. My days at my present workplace are numbered. After two weeks, I will no longer have to worry about commuting to Mississauga. I won’t have to worry about trying to stay awake all night either.

Turning in a resignation letter isn’t always easy. I handed in quite a few resignations in my days. That’s the hard part about going from job to job. You don’t have to give your present employer a two weeks notice but it’s courteous to do so. It’s a little sad that you have to leave and might not see your coworkers again, especially if the workplace is in another town. I don’t hate my present job or anything but that’s all it is, a job. I have to start thinking about what I want to do for my career.

A job and a career isn’t exactly the same thing. Yes, the job that you’re performing might be a job that you’re doing for your career but there’s a difference. A job is something that you do that you have no interest in. You go to work every day just so you can make money and get by. A career is a lifelong thing that you do and you enjoy. You go to work every day to make money but to also gain valuable knowledge and experiences that will help you in the future. Working at Burger King is a job. Working as a developer for Google is a career.

My present employment is somewhat a job and a career. I don’t mind working there and it helps by giving me some knowledge that I can use for the future but my current position doesn’t allow me to work my way up the corporate ladder though. I’m in Tech Support and that’s it. And Tech Support doesn’t allow room for improvement. If I wanted to move up, I would have to apply for another position.

But for my new job, there’s lots of room for improvement. I’ll be working for Siemens Westinghouse Canada as a Junior I.T. Technician. I had an interview with the I.T. group last Friday. At first, I thought it was an interview with the I.T. Manager but when I arrived at the meeting room, I saw that there were five people sitting around the table. I started to get a little nervous because there were so many people interviewing me. That’s how I knew that the position that I was being interviewed for was a big one. Nonetheless, I went into the interview very confident and very enthusiastic.

I’d have to give credit to my girlfriend since she was the main source of my motivation. Normally, I’d go into an interview with a mediocre attitude. I would walk in, say what I had to say and leave. After the interview, I don’t expect to get the job or anything. If I get the job, I’m happy. If I don’t, it doesn’t bother me.

But this time around, I really wanted the job. The interviewers informed me that they will make their decision by Wednesday. If I didn’t hear from the by then, they instructed me to contact Human Resource and inquire if the position was filled or not.

When Wednesday arrived, I anxiously waited for a call. My cellphone rang around 3:00pm but it was a false alarm. It was my friend Carole calling me and asking if I wanted a Wii. I was excited about the Wii so I told her to grab me one right away. So now, I’m all hyped up because I just got a Wii and I still haven’t heard anything from Westinghouse.

About an hour later, I received a call from Human Resource inquiring about an email that he they sent out requesting references. I informed him that I faxed him a copy Monday night. I received a confirmation of receipt on Tuesday morning. I started to get a little worried because I wanted to be prompt in fulfilling their requests. But in the end, he told me that they are offering me the job and will have a package sent to me.

I wanted this job for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to start my career in the I.T. industry and I saw this as a good opportunity to get my foot in the door. It’s a junior position so it allowed me room for me to improve and work my way up. Secondly, the work hours are regular working hours. I don’t have to worry about any night shifts anymore. For that reason, it meant that I would have more time to spend with my girlfriend.

So now that I’ve been given a chance to work in a big company, I have to leave my present employer. I’m looking to hand in my resignation letter on Friday which means that my manager will not receive it until Monday. I could date the letter two weeks from Monday but that would mean that my last shift will be on a Monday. I’m sure that will screw up the payroll somehow so I’ll be dating it for the Friday that I’m handing it in. So here’s to a new beginning in a new company. I’ll be working hard to ensure that I stay with the company for a long time.

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  1. Thank!

    Keep looking… it’s getting close to summer so there’s going to be a lot of places that will be hiring for a seasonal position…

  2. Hey Don. I definitely have a “job.” Seeing as I’ll be 24 in about 6 months, I should probably look for a career too.

    Congrats on the new employment situation.

  3. Thanks Andy!

    It’s never too late to start looking for a career. The earlier you start the better. I should have started looking before I finished college but at the time, I had a job so I didn’t feel the need to look for another one. That was a mistake.

  4. Hey Don, The Best guy as a very good friend i have known in Canada, and i am so proud of your friendshiop. I am very very happy that you got what you have loved doing. Congratulations, from me and all my Family and Good luck with your new job.
    I will see you soon.

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