It’s a small world after all

The world is a very big place but the internet has turned it into a small one. The internet is connecting people from all four corners of the globe but Facebook is connecting people that I didn’t even know, knew each other. It’s interesting to see how people are connected to each other and Facebook has done just that.

I first came across the term “six degrees of separation” when I saw a movie starring Will Smith. I don’t quite remember what the movie was about though. I remember that Smith’s character was living with a family who knew someone that he knew. Six degrees of separation is about the idea that everyone on Earth is somehow connected with another person. No matter how large the population of the Earth is, the connectedness between two people is far smaller.

At the moment, I have no way of figure out how far my social networking goes. I can only confirm a couple of degrees apart, thanks for Facebook. Nonetheless, a couple of degrees separating me and someone I know is still pretty interesting. With the visual links that Facebook provides, it’s hard to say that the connectedness is purely coincident. My girlfriend says there’s no such thing has coincidences and she’s probably right.

You can pick any two people on the face of the Earth and you can probably link them using no more than six other people. I could be connected to the Prime Minister through a series of people and not even know it. Actually, I don’t know it because I can’t link enough people to confirm that. But I’m probably connected to a friend who knows a friend who has a sister who’s dating a guy who has a mom who’s friend’s with a parliament member who knows the Prime Minister. It could be as easy as that.

When I worked at the library, I met a lot of different people. Every one of my coworker was from different part of the city. The library was my portal to a wide range of social network. For example, one day I was talking to my coworker, Diana on the second floor. We were talking away and she mentioned that she was sending to some event in St. Catherines. It was some piano recital that one of her students was performing at. Later that night, I was talking to Carole and I had asked her what she had planned for the weekend. She mentioned that she was attending some piano recital. Immediately, I remembered what Diana had told me so I asked Carole if the recital was in St. Catherines, which she confirmed that it was. As it turns out, Carole and Diana both teach piano for the Conservatory of Music.

Another example is a college friend of mine, Lan. She used to work at the library but I think she quit before going to college. Her sister, Linda was hired to take her place. The only way I could connected the two together was the fact that they had the same smile. One day, I was hanging out with some friends when a friend mentioned some times about his sisters. I thought nothing of it until he mentioned his sister’s name. His sisters were Lan and Linda. Lan and Linda are sisters of Tan. I’ve known him since high school but I had no idea that he had any sister. I particularly had no idea that they were girls that I knew of.

Stephanie Ly

This is Stephanie Ly, a Chinese Canadian model from Calgary. Up until last year, I had no idea who she was because I haven’t seen her on any covers of Import Tuner or anything. Last year she was in Toronto for Importfest 2006. My friend from London, Lizzie is a model for Rockstar which is the same company that Stephanie modeled for and both of them were working the same booth. When I went to Importfest, I didn’t see Lizzie because she was on break. So, I didn’t pay too much attention to the Rockstar booth. I know Lizzie through Gus. Project One was supposed to collaborate with Lizzie to work on on a DJ’s website. So I’m connected to Stephanie because I know Lizzie. And I know Lizzie because I went to school with Gus.


I didn’t know it at first but the model in the background of one of my pictures was Stephanie. There were a lot of girls working the Rockstar booth but not too many of them had the same hair style. That night, Stephanie had the long hair with blond highlights, which is the girl in this picture. In the first picture, she probably seems like she’ pretty tall but in person she’s actually really short.