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It’s been a while since I’ve actually worn my prescription eyeglasses. My previous pair of eyeglasses was made by Guess and I was hoping that it would last me for a while. It came with clip on sunglasses so I didn’t have to worry about get another pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, I misplaced that pair somewhere and I haven’t seen it since late last summer.

My new eyeglasses arrived in the mail today. I purchased a pair off eBay from a seller who was located in Chicago, Illinois. The total came out to $90 and I had to pay for it using money order because the seller did not accept PayPal from international buyers. My address was verified and everything so I don’t know why he didn’t accept it. Using PayPal to pay for items is one of the quickest methods of payment available but for some reason he doesn’t want to deal with international buyers this way.

Since this seller refused to accept a PayPal payment from me, I had no choice but to send him a money order. Once the money has been mailed out, I have no control over the length of time it takes to arrive in his mailbox. I prefer making my payments with PayPal because the payment arrives in his account almost instantly. I don’t like to have to wait to pay for an item. The quicker I pay for it, the quicker it gets to my door step.

The eBay auction ended on March 9 but a week later, the seller filed a non-payment complaint against me. I told this guy that I wanted to use the quickest payment method available but he didn’t accept it and told me to send a money order. It’s not my fault that the mail system takes a long time. He could have waited at least ten business days before filing a complaint. On March 22, the seller removed the complaint because he received the payment. If he was patient enough from the beginning, there wouldn’t have been any need to file a complaint.

Maybe I should have filed a complaint for not receiving the item a week after he received the payment. It took ten business days for the item to arrive in my mailbox. That’s the standard length of time when you order things from the US. I was patient enough to wait at least ten business days before sending out an email. Luckily for him, as soon as I got home, I saw that I had received the eyeglasses.

Giorgio Armani

I bought a pair of Giorgio Armani eyeglasses. The measurements are 49-19-145, which is the length of the eye pieces, the nose bridge and the handles. The frame is gunmetal in colour and is very light. When I put it on, I can barely feel them on my face. The eyeglasses came in a beige hard cover case with a soft cleaning cloth inside. Hopefully, I won’t lose these. The last pair I had was supposed to last me for quite a while but they went missing around a few months.

Right now, demo lenses in the frames. The brand name, “Giorgio Armani” is printed on the left lens. I’ll have to go to the optometrist and get my eye exam done again so I can get my prescription lenses in there. This time, I’m just going to get the basic stuff and nothing fancy. Anti-scratch is all that I need on my lenses. Last time, I opted for anti-glare but that really didn’t help much. It cost an extra $50 for that and I barely even notice it doing anything. If you ever get lenses for prescription glasses, I’d recommend getting just the scratch resistance coating and nothing else. The other options are just a waste of money.

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  1. It’s not really that expensive. The original price of these eyeglasses is over $200 and I bought it was less than half the price, so I think it’s a good bargain.

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