A bit embarrassing

We’ve all been through those times where something embarrassing has happened but we didn’t know about until later on. The other person that knows about it is too afraid to embarrass you that they don’t say a word. I usually tell people but I don’t tell them right away. I wait a bit and then I give them the bad news.

Today, I ordered the new donut from Tim Horton’s. It’s the triple chocolate donut and it comes filled with chocolate, with a layer of chocolate on top and a third chocolate on top of the chocolate dip. I’ve recently woken up so I didn’t get anything to eat yet so I ate that. Normally, I would wake until I got into the office before eating it but I didn’t see any harm in having it now.

I met up with one of the security guards by the elevator. He’s one of the good one and the one that I spoke with when that fat guy wanted to fight me. We made small talk as we went up in the elevator and I ate my donut. He looked a bit cheery today so I thought maybe it’s close to the end of his shift or something. When we arrived on his floor, he got off the elevator and I continued to eat my donut.

I looked into the mirrors in the elevator and saw that I had chocolate over my nose. Surrounding part of my left nostril was chocolate and it was very noticeable. There was chocolate running down the left side of my mouth too. It’s no wonder why the security guard was cheery. There he was standing in the elevator with a guy whose face is covered in chocolate and he didn’t say anything.

I wiped what I could off quickly before the elevator arrived on my floor. I managed to get rid of the chocolate on my nose but the one running down the side of my mouth was a bit harder because it was a lot and I didn’t have any tissue with me. I licked off what I could and checked myself in the mirror again. All the chocolate has been removed from my face.

It was a good thing too because as soon as the elevator door opened, there was this pretty looking lady standing there. Usually, the floor is empty when I arrive at work so my first instinct was to step out right away but when I saw her, I immediately stopped. She saw me coming so she apologized for being in my way. I shook my head and held the door opened for her and gestured for her to come in. She caught me by surprise because I almost didn’t get off the elevator. I thought I was on the wrong floor or something. But I recognized the interior design of my floor so I got off.

I have friends who would walk around with a booger in their nose. They’re walking around with a booger in their nose because I haven’t told them that they have a booger in their nose. I usually don’t say anything for about five minutes. If the booger is big enough, I would assume that they would feel it.

There have also been times when people would have their fly down. In this case, I usually tell them right away but I don’t come out and tell them straight out? It’s more fun to use euphemism to see if they understand it. This is fun when I’m talking to my fob friend because he doesn’t understand euphemism.

Me: Yo, you selling hotdogs?
Friend: What? No!
Me: Oh.. well I thought you were crazy but now I see your nuts.
Friend: What are you talking about?
Me: I’m talking about Shaft. Can you dig it?
Friend: What?
Me: You left the barn door open.
Friend: Dude, I’m a farmer.
Me: Dude, your balls are showing!
Friend: Oh.

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