That’s talent

I came across a YouTube video of my friend singing at her school’s talent show. I’ve heard her sing before at our friend’s birthday party but I had no idea how much she’s improved over the years. There aren’t too many people in the Cambodian community that has a voice like hers. She has the potential to become a Cambodian Idol.

Meet Runy Chet, we call her Soony now. I don’t know how that started but that’s how it is now. I first met her way back when we were little. I think it was back during grade five. Her family moved down to Hamilton from Calgary. She was the youngest of the group so we didn’t really hang out much. I hung out more with her older sisters because they were closer to my age. Back then, she wasn’t into the whole music thing. Well, at least, I don’t think she was.

Just listen to her. She has a very beautiful voice and when she hits that high note in the chorus… wow! Just wow! She hits every key and she controls her vocal chords like a professional singer.

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  1. i was kinda hoping people would shut up in the background so i could hear her sing… jeez lol

  2. Runy’s awesome! I have known her for a while now, but I did NOT know she could sing. She definitely surprised me. She had the audience captivated during her performance.

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