I don’t like snobby people. I don’t agree with the fact that things are given to you. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I hate them. I just dislike them because they have it so easy and they like to brag about it. I’m the type of guy that works hard to get to where I’m at today. I earn my status in life every step of the way. I would hate to have a status bestowed upon me knowing that I did nothing to earn it.

I am generally laid back, open-minded and down to earth kind of guy. I don’t judge people based on superficial outer qualities. I look beyond the surface and judge people by their character. I’m not better than anyone else so I have no need to act like I am. Whether you are the president of a company or a homeless guy on the street, I’ll treat you the same. People do not have to try hard to earn my respect. I give it to them if I think they’re worthy of it. If they lose my respect, then they’ll have to earn it back. That’s the hard part. Once you lose my respect, you’ll have to do something very noble to earn it back.

It was such a nice day today that a friend and I went to the car wash and got our cars vacuumed. I didn’t want to wash the car since it’ll eventually rain one day and that’ll wash the car for me. As I was vacuuming my car, I heard horns flaring. I got out of my car and looked down the street. There was a gray Honda Civic followed by a black Mercedes C230 Kompressor Coupe. The Kompressor was driven by some Chinese kid and he was honking his horn at the Civic. Apparently, the Civic was going to slow for his liking.

As both cars passed me, I saw that the Kompressor was getting anxious to pass the Civic so he switched over to the left lane, cutting off a Volkswagen Passat and then sped up. After that, they were too far away for me to see what happened next. I’ve had my run in with crazy drivers but if it’s one thing that I hate more than crazy drivers, it’s snobby ones, the ones that thinks they own the road because they’re driving the nice cars.

These drivers think they have special privileges because they’re driving the luxury cars and sporting the Armani suits. I’ve seen many drivers double park beside they didn’t want anyone scratching their car. If I didn’t like cars so much, I’d probably kick their doors in. They don’t really care if they get a ticket because the fine is probably pocket change to them. But what they should care about is the fact that by taking up an extra parking space, they are inconveniencing everyone else. They don’t care about that though. All they care about is the fact that they got what they wanted.

When they don’t get what they want, what do they do? They whine and complain and throw hissy fits.

I’ve read stories about snobby people in the newspapers as well. A while ago there was an article in the Hamilton Spectator about an executive abusing her spending power. She apparently bought herself an SUV because she needed motivation to do her job. How the hell do you justify buying a car in order to motivate yourself to do work? She’s already getting paid to work. How about she does her job or get her ass fired!? An executive position is not that stressful. The higher you are on the corporate ladder, the less you do. I’ve worked in an office in the past and I know that it’s very easy going.

The people who are on the bottom rung are the ones that are working their asses off but they don’t get anything for their hard work. Maybe every once in a while their manager will tell them that they’re doing well. Whoopty do! Rewarding them with money would be better. Some CEOs are rewarded money for doing well and then there are some that wants more money than what they’ve been offered.

A couple of months ago, Blockbuster’s CEO was offered a $2.3 million bonus but he wanted more. This whiny little bitch thinks he deserves $7.6 million. What the hell is the matter with him? He’s already getting paid to do his job and I’m sure it’s a pretty hefty salary. The company is offering him a bonus and he asking for more? If someone offered me a bonus of a million dollars, I’d take it with a big smile on my face. I would probably quit the job too since a million can probably last me quite a long time.

When you’re living in a world run by money hungry people, everyone is out to look for themselves. There aren’t enough humanitarians in this world. There are people in third world countries that can live off $1 a day. If they were working at McDonald’s, earning minimum wage, they can work for a week and survive for the month. When you look at the picture that way, working at a dead end job is like living the life of luxury.