What’s your problem!?

I thought tonight was going to be a quiet night at work. There wasn’t a lot of trouble tickets to look after so I managed to get most of the work done within an hour or so. The rest of the time at work was going to be spent calling up providers and getting some updates on some issues. But it’s hardly ever a quiet night. Something always has to come up. It’s crazy, this city.

Right around 4:00am, I was starting to doze off and I was already out of coffee so I decided to go get some more. Usually around this time, it’s really quiet, even on a Friday night. Last call happens around 2:00am at the bar across the street and right around now, everyone has gone home.

When I got down to the lobby, everything seemed to be normal. There’s construction going on in one half of the lobby so that has been blocked off to prevent debris from flying everything. Even the plants are covered in plastic to keep them safe.

As I rounded the bend, I felt a cold draft. I know that they turn off the heat at night but the lobby is usually fairly warm. As I headed towards the exit I saw one of the security guard standing around. This area is deserted around this time but then I saw it. The revolving door was had a hole in it. There was broken glass scattered all over the place. It looked like someone threw a sign through the door. Outside of the doors, there’s a sign that says “Watch out for falling ice.” That sign is now inside the building, laying five feet from the door.

There are three ways to get out of the building from this area and two ways to get back in. The door on the far right can be used an exit or as a entrance. After hours, it can be used as an exit but you need an access card to get back in. The middle door is a revolving door with four panels. After hours, it is locked. The door on the far left is mainly for exiting since there are no handles on the other side.

The door on the right was fine. The door on the left had a pole sticking through it. The revolving door has two of its door broken. The glass on each both doors had been smashed and majority of it was lying on the ground. If CSI has taught me anything, I know that the glass was smashed in from the outside. The spread patterns is gives a clue that an object made impact with the glass at a thirty six degree angle, going at a velocity of 20-25km per hour.

I stopped and asked the security guard about what happened. He didn’t know because no one was in the area when it happened and there weren’t any cameras that caught it. I’m pretty sure there was a camera outside the right door but I guess that camera is a fake if it didn’t catch any of this. If it did work, it should have caught a bright yellow sign flying towards the revolving door and smashing the glass. But since it’s fake, it would have missed all the action.

The guard told me that there was a fight. He didn’t say much else since he only arrived there and saw the aftermath. During our conversation, a fat guy wearing a gray tank top came out from the area where the construction was happening. I thought he was one of the workers there doing the renovating. I turned to look in his direction and asked him a question. I figured that, since he was working in that area he would have seen what happened.

Me: Wow! Must have been one wild party, eh? What happened?
Security I do not know. I got here after it all started.
Me: Oh. Aren’t there cameras that caught this?
Security No, we don’t have any camera in this area to catch the altercation.
enter fat guy…
Me: Eh, you know what happened here?
Security (in a quiet voice): He was in the fight.
Fat guy: I was fucking involved. So you better wipe that fucking smile off your fucking face!
Me: The fuck is your problem!? What the fuck did I do?
Fat guy: It doesn’t matter! Just get rid of that fucking smile!
exit fat guy…
Me: Maybe I should just go and get my coffee now.
Security: Oh. You are going outside.
Me: Yeah, can I go out this way?
Security Yes, just use that door.
Me: Alright. And if I want to come back in, should I use the entrance by the security desk?
Security No, you can use this one.
Me: That fat guy isn’t going to be around here still is he? I don’t want to get my ass kicked because I’m smiling. Because if I win that car for roll up the rim, I’ll be smiling.
Security No, it will be okay.
Me: Groovy!

As I got outside, I saw a couple of police cars. But I didn’t see any police officers. One of the cars decided to go into the intersection and make a U-turn and go back to where he came from. I don’t know what the point of the U-turn was because he ended up back at the same spot. There were a couple of people standing outside doing nothing. I thought nothing of it and went to Tim Horton’s.

When I got to Tim Horton’s, I gave the cashier my order and waited. A drunken guy was waiting behind me and was talking about stuff. He said that his friend was supposed to be the designated driver but ended up getting wasted. His friend met a bunch of girls and they were drinking so his friend started drinking too. He got hammered and was sitting in the car with his head out the window, puking. This guy looked like he was kind of drunk himself so I just agreed with everything he said. He was talking to the guy that was in line behind him but that guy wasn’t doing anything so he turned to me. I didn’t want to talk to him but he was already drunk so I didn’t care. I just nodded to everything he said. I didn’t smile though, just in case he’s like the fat guy and wanted to fight for smiling.

When I got back, I saw those people who were standing around, get into their cars. The police had already left so I’m assuming that everything has been taken care of. The fat guy was no longer in the building either. As I approached the entrance, one of the guys that were getting into his car was staring at me so I starred back at him. That wasn’t a good idea because I didn’t see the patch of ice that I was walking over and almost fell. I spilt a bit of coffee as I tried to maintain my balance. As I got closer to the entrance, I used the access card to get in. That’s when that guy stopped staring at me and got into his car. He was probably looking to see if I was smiling and maybe pick a fight with me if I was.

When people get mad, they like to take it out on something or someone other than themselves. Anger is a dangerous human emotion that can cause a lot of damage. The fat guy was angry at something but he saw that I was smiling and wanted to fight me. He’s going through something bad and saw that I was in happier state and something in him click. He wanted to bring me down with him. It doesn’t take a long to make people mad. Just looking at someone the wrong way can piss them off.

Before leaving work, I spoke with the security guard some more. He told me that the fat guy and his crew were working when some drunks came along. I guess the drunk did something to provoke them so the crew went outside. That’s all that they manage to get out of whoever was involved. His beef was with the drunks so I don’t why he would take it out on me. The construction guy’s behaviour was very unprofessional and I’d be surprised if I see them again the next time I work. They were in the building to renovate the area not cause property damage.

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  1. Dammit Don… why does all the good stuff happen when I’m NOT in the building… No killer attack birds, no Construction workers vs. drunks. All I get to see here are the four cubicle walls that surround me.

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