Play again

That’s right, Canada, roll up the rim is back! And Since I’m a fairly avid coffee drinker, I will be playing fairly often. It’s not like I will win anything anyway. Well, I’ll win something but it won’t be anything big. If I can keep on a winning streak and just win free coffee, I’ll be happy.

Roll up the rim is a semi annually event that occurs in Canada. It’s the time of year where Tim Horton’s becomes very busy because everyone wants to win big. There aren’t too many prizes available and the prizes aren’t that big. And there’s this whole other side to winning some of prize that had a lot of people confused. A while ago, if you won a car, you’re only winning a lease for the car and not an actual car but I think they fixed that issue.

Up for grabs this year is a chance to win thirty Toyota Camry Hybrid, one hundred Panasonic 42″ plasma television, ten thousand iPod Nanos, five hundred $1000 cash prizes, and over thirty million food prizes.

I wouldn’t mind winning one of the Toyota Camry. It would be a nice upgrade from my current Camry. The new Camry comes fully loaded with a whole bunch of features. My idea of fully loaded might be different from other people’s idea. What I think fully loaded means is that it comes with a CD player and air conditioning. That’s about all I need in a car. It’s not like I will need twenty inch spinners with racing tires or anything.

But the 42″ plasma television wouldn’t be bad either. Although, I don’t watch television much since I don’t have time for it, it would still be nice to have. I’ve seen some of them on displays and the image is very sharp and clear. Even with my bad eye sight, it looked as if I was right there. I don’t know if this particular mode is going to be just as good but if I win one, I will let you know.

If I won an iPod Nano, I would probably give it away. I don’t have much use for handheld music devices. If I am out of the house, I have music in the car. And if I am walking somewhere, I’m not walking far enough that I need music to keep me entertained.

As for the cash prize, that would come in handy right about now. It would be nice not to have to worry about money for a while. I am a little short on that for the time being. But the chances of me winning that is pretty slim. I have never won cash prizes before and I don’t think that I am lucky enough to start winning now. I might as well just save my money and stop buying coffee and I’ll have a better chance of gain cash.

The thing that I do manage to win a lot of is the food prizes although I haven’t had any luck yet. Last year, I kept winning a free coffee. And just not any free coffee, a large free coffee. I had always thought it was just a free medium coffee but they didn’t specify a size on the winning rim. One of the cashiers asked me what size I wanted so I thought she was a new worker or something. But as it turned out, you can select any size you want. I usually just tell her that I wanted a large because extra large is a bit too much.

Roll up the rim only started a couple of days ago so I doubt that Tim Horton’s is busy right now. Once words get out that it’s back, people are going to be flocking to the restaurant. I didn’t know it had started and it wasn’t advertised or anything. I found out because I usually grab a cup of coffee before going into work.

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  1. don, how when it says “free coffee” it’s a free ANY SIZE ANY HOT DRINK! haha.. so you can get like.. the most expensive hot drink you want! (but it’s still gonna be cheap compared to starbucks) but it’s cool that they let you have ANY drink now.. cuz before I thought it was unfair because I only drank hot chocolates.. and when i won, they would only let me have coffee or tea.. :S

  2. Maybe we can somehow twist it around so that “free donut” means Toyota Camry Hybrid.. 😛 that’d be sweet!

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