You’re welcome

How hard is it to offer a simple gesture of gratitude? Something as simple as a little thank you goes a long way. I try to make sure that I say “thank you” when someone does something for me, no matter how small it is. But it seems like people are too busy these days to even do that. It doesn’t take long to let someone know that you appreciate the nice things they do for you. And it doesn’t hurt either.

As I was leaving Jackson Square today, there was an elderly woman who was bundling up and zipping up her coat so she can face the winter cold. She had a couple of bags laying because her but they weren’t that large. It was big enough so that her hands weren’t full. As I walked passed her, she started to walk as well. As I got closer to the door, I could see that there’s another lady coming into the mall from the other side. I could see in the reflection on the glass that the elderly was directly behind me but to the right.

When I went to open the door, I held it opened for her. She had made a move to head to the other door rather go through the door I was going through. She was going to use her back to open it but I already had a door opened for her. As she walked through, I went and grabbed the second set of doors and held that opened for her. As she walked through that door, I held the door opened for a little longer. The lady that was walking towards me entered as I held the door for her.

Both of the ladies took the time to express their gratitude and said a simple thank you. And I appreciated it. I saw that the elderly lady was struggling a bit with her purse and bag so I did something about it. I would have offered to carry her bags for her but it’s down town and I’d doubt she’d trust a stranger with her belonging. As for the lady that was walking towards the entrance, I held the door open a little longer because I was already there. Plus, it was cold out so every little bit helps.

I’ve had times with people who wouldn’t say anything after I’ve held the door opened for them. They walk through the door and they kept on going. They didn’t even bother to look back and say anything. Sometimes it’s because they’re in too much of a rush to go somewhere that they forget. Other times, they just don’t want to say anything. To those people, I say “you’re welcome” in hopes that they’ll get the hint. But not everyone is as bright. After saying, “you’re welcome” they’ll still keep on walking.

But from a friend, I wouldn’t expect this sort of behaviour. I’m sure some friends appreciate the little things that you do for them but because you’re so close, they don’t always express it. Deep down inside, you know that they’re thankful for what you did. But it’s still nice to actually hear it. If my friend took the time to do something for me, I’ll thank them for it especially these days, when everyone is busy with their own lives.

Back in January, I sent a gift out to Ottawa for my friend’s birthday. It took a while for the present to get there but nonetheless, when it arrived, my friend took the time to email me a thank you letter. She’s fairly busy with two kids and work but she took the time out of her busy schedule to say thank you.

A while ago, I got something for another friend’s birthday. She wasn’t home at the time so I dropped it off her in room. It’s been a few days and I haven’t heard a word from her yet. I’m not complaining about the fact that I didn’t get a thank you. The thing that bugs me is that she’s not as busy as the first friend so it would be nice to get some acknowledgment that she saw the gift sitting in her room. I could have stayed and waited for her to get home but I had other priorities to attend to so I don’t have time to just sit around and wait.

People these days don’t do enough of the little things. It’s as if the little things don’t count for anything anymore. If there’s one thing you should remember it’s that, the little things in life are the things that makes the biggest impact. A coworker said to me the other day, “Do the little things all the time and it makes such a difference.” A little thing here and a little thing there adds up after a while. The thought that was put into the little things really does count for something.