Don’t blame me

There are some people who cannot face the consequences of their own actions. What causes them to be afraid of what they did? Did they not think things out before actually doing it? Not only that, but I don’t understand why some people would want to blame someone else for their own mistakes. These people should grow up and learn to be an adult.

When I’m at work, I like to help out some of the customers because I’ve built somewhat of a relationship with them. If there is something wrong with their route, I’ll stop what I’m currently doing to assist them for a bit. Usually, all it takes it a few test calls and a route change and their problems are solved. If it’s something that I can do then I’ll do it quickly. Not all of the customers will get this sort of treatment from me though. There are a few that I will not help out until they open up a trouble ticket.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of MSN messenger requesting that I check out a route. It’s the same guy who sends me messages after messages regarding the same destination. At first, I’ll make a few test calls to see how bad the situation is. If I cannot connect to that country over a couple of carriers, then I ask them to open up a trouble ticket so we can investigate the issue further. If I can connect with another carrier, then I’ll simply re-route the calls through that carrier. It’ll save them the trouble of having to open a trouble ticket.

But since I’ve been doing that, this one customer doesn’t want to open up trouble tickets anymore. Every time there’s a problem with a particular destination, he’ll either come on MSN and tell me about or he’ll give me a phone call and tell me about it. And when he calls me, I can’t understand a word he’s saying. I just tell him to go on MSN and talk to me there because I can’t hear him.

I don’t mind helping this guy out every now and then because he’s the one of the first few customers that I’ve gotten to know. When he calls me to inform me of an issue, he’s very descriptive about it and it helps me figure out what could be wrong. Other customers just say that the destination is not connecting and they don’t specify anything else. It’s like going to the beer store and saying, “That beer sucks!” You’ve got so many to choose from and you don’t know which one “that” beer is.

This particular customer likes to call and complain once in a while. There’s not much use in doing that since I can’t hear him but I’ll listen to him anyway. He’s believes that the company that I’m working for is at fault for his connection issues. But I’m starting to think that it’s not the company’s fault but his fault. There’s something wrong on his end but he doesn’t want to check it out. I can sort of tell when he comes on MSN.

Customer: Hello!
Me: Hello sir! How are you?
(Customer appears to be offline.)
Customer: Hi!
Me: Hello…
(Customer appears to be offline.)
Customer: Hello! are you there?
Me: Yes sir… how may I help you?
(Customer appears to be offline.)
Customer: Hello!
Me: yes…
(Customer appears to be offline.)
Me: God damnit!
(Customer appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delivered when they sign in.)

Blaming the company for something that doesn’t work is one thing but to blame me is something else. Especially after I’ve been to them. There’s another customer that calls in and says that the other Tech Support can’t help him with any of his problems. He said that I was the only one that seems to know what I’m doing and I solve his problems every time. I’m flattered that he complimented me on a job well done but I’m sure that the other Tech Support guys could have easily solved the issue. They’ve been here long than I have so they’re more experienced.

The last issue that he had was something that was going on for a long time. He owns a toll free number and every time someone calls that toll free number, he gets charged twenty five cents. When that person attempts to make a call, the system doesn’t recognize the destination and things that it’s invalid. So the caller hangs up and tries again and again. And no matter how many times they try, the number that they dial will also be invalid due to a system error.

He was tired of getting charged twenty five cents per call so he called me up to complain about it. My coworkers have been working on this issue for a while but they didn’t quite complete it. One solution was to delete the entire PIN in his account so when a caller calls the toll free number and enters a PIN, the PIN is invalid and the system won’t accept the call. Or something like that. So my coworker went ahead and told the customer how to delete his PIN.

After deleting the PIN, he was still getting charged for the calls. So he asked if there was anything I could do since I always seem to have a solution to all of his problems. I suggested that we could delete the toll free access number from his account. That way, the system won’t charge him since the access number no longer belongs to him. Every time someone attempts to call that number, it won’t connect because it’s no longer available. He thought it was a good idea so he agreed to it.

I deleted the access number from his account, made some test calls to that number and found that I couldn’t connect. I check the balance on his account and saw that it didn’t go down when I called. It seems like the problem has been fixed and he will no longer get charged twenty five cents per call.

Just the other day, my coworker told me that I was supposed to put the number back. The customer had called in and said that I would delete the access number and then put it back. I don’t even know how to do that yet. On second thought, I didn’t even mention putting it back because if we put it back, he would be charge the twenty five cents again. If he wanted the number back, he could have just called his account manager and she could have added the access number back into his account. But since the number was missing, he opened up a trouble ticket to get it fixed.

In the trouble ticket he mentioned that his toll free number was removed due to an error on my part. How is it an error on my part if I suggested a temporary solution and he agreed to it? That’s like asking me for the winning lottery numbers, losing and then blaming me for giving him the wrong numbers. By temporarily deleting that toll free number I’ve save him money. If his business is as good as he claims, he probably get hundreds or even thousands of calls every day. And since the calls aren’t going through, people are probably trying again and again. That’s at least $25 a day that I’m saving him and $700 over the course of a month.

Some people are just never satisfied when others do something nice for them. They always want more and the little things are never enough for them. The next time this guy calls, I’m not even going to bother lifting a finger. There are not three strikes and you’re out in my books. You get one chance to screw up. If I helped something and they don’t appreciated the assistance, they can go jump off a four story balcony and land in a pile of diarrhea cow poo surrounded by a wall of goat turd for all I care. He’ll have to wait his turn because I’ve got too many other trouble tickets that I need to look over.

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  1. Hey Don,

    I’ve been reading your blog almost every week now. Keeps me extremely entertained at work, espically on the slow days (thank god they haven’t caught on my frequent vists and haven’t blocked this site yet)… so keep the bloggin commin…
    O and FYI ur last comment in this post “…they can go jump off a four story balcony and land in a pile of diarrhea cow poo surrounded by a wall of goat turd for all I care..”
    almost lost me a mouthful of good ..very much needed coffee….hehe


  2. hehehe! I’m glad that you found them entertaining… I’m still trying to get something new out everyday… so far, I seem to find something new to write about… which is a bit surprising…

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