Lately, I’ve been having a bit of a hard time remembering things. I’m not sure what it is exactly whether I’ve got a lot on my mind or whether I’m stressed out a lot but I’ve been having some trouble remembering past events. Sometimes I have trouble recalling things that happened earlier in the day. I have to second guess myself as to whether it actually happened or if I’m just imagining it.

Sometimes, I don’t even remember my own face. It’s a very scary feeling when you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror. I’m too young to be going senile but the symptoms that I’m experiencing might be some sort of minor acute Alzheimer’s disease. There have been times when I’m getting up to go do something, only to forget what it was that I had planned on doing.

It is rare that I would forget a face, especially a pretty one. If I’ve met someone in the past, I’m sure to remember for a while. I might forget their names but I’m sure to remember their faces. That memory might not be vivid enough to create a clear picture but I should be able to create vague image. I like to put people’s face with their surroundings so I know when and where I’ve met them. A while ago, someone added me to their friend’s list on Facebook but I had no idea how she knows me. Obviously she remembers me from high school but I can’t seem to remember her. My friend said that I know her but I don’t think I do.

I think that people remember things that stand out above the rest. Milestone events are things to remember because they usually only happen once. That is what makes it so unique. Something that doesn’t happen very often has a special place in your memory where it is kept and can be retrieved whenever you want it.

Last week, I went to Cassis and bough a present for my friend’s birthday. I purchased a shirt and a vest ensemble and I made sure to get the correct size. If it’s one thing that’s hard to buy for girls, it’s clothing. If you get the wrong size, they can take offense depending on how insecure they are about their weight. If the size is one size too large, they will think that you think they’re fat. If it’s one size too small, they’ll think that you think they’re too skinny. You have to get the correct size to avoid any altercations.

When I purchased the shirt and vest, I made sure that I bought her an extra small. It’s been years since I last saw her but I doubted that she would be any bigger than the last time. When she received the gift, she told me that I had bought her an extra large. I made sure that both shirt and vest were extra small so I was positive that I had the correct size.

She mailed the shirt back to me and I check it out. Looking at the tag on the shirt, I saw that it was indeed an extra large. I have no idea how I didn’t see that. I bought it on Friday, which is usually the day that I don’t sleep so I might have saw the “X” in the “XL” and assume it was “XS” when it wasn’t.

I brought the shirt back to Cassis and asked to have it exchanged. Unfortunately they were out of extra small for that shirt in that colour so I settled for the white shirt instead. The girl at the counter was a little puzzled with the size different so we struck up a little conversation while her coworker checked the back for an extra small.

Girl: You wanted to exchange the XL for an XS?
Me: Yes, please.
Girl: That’s a fairly big jump in size. How did you manage that?
Me: I don’t know actually. I bought this last week and I think I was half asleep when I picked it out. I was pretty sure that I took the XS.
Girl: So you were kind enough to come back and exchange for her?
Me: Yes. Well, she’s out in Ottawa and the closest Cassis they have there is in Kingston which is about an hour away. She doesn’t have time to make an exchange so I told her to send it back to me and I’ll exchange it.
Coworker: You know what? It is an extra small.
Girl: Really?
Me: What? But the tag said extra large
Coworker: Look at this. (She points at the price tag)
Girl: I’ll go check the other shirt on the table to see if the others are labeled wrong too.
Me: See, I knew I had picked the right one.
Girl: Nope, it was just that one that was labeled incorrectly.
Me: Just my luck eh?

I’ve never purchased an item before where the price tag and the shirt tag said two different sizes. The girl has never run into this issue as well so an event like this is something both of us will remember because it doesn’t happen too often.

When I went into that store yesterday, the same girl was working. I recognize her because I remember her from the event (and the fact that she was very attractive). She recognized me because of the day I can in to exchange the shirt. It seemed like that was the most exciting thing that happened at the store. As I was browsing the store, I could hear her whisper to her coworker about what had happened. Even though I wasn’t wearing the same clothing and had a hat on, she was still able to remember me. Not a lot of strangers will recognize me when I change clothes.

Not everyone has a good memory though. I know a few people who are old and can’t remember that they’ve told me the same story about fifty times already. I don’t want to be rude and tell them that I’ve already heard that joke so I let them tell me the story and pretend like it’s the first time I’ve heard it. Even I do that sometimes too but my friends aren’t as kind as I am and they tell me that I’ve already told them.

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  1. Hmm.. an XL and XS look entirely different though. I don’t see why your friend didn’t try it on to see if it fit. I mean if it fits, who cares what size the label says right? lol.. besides, different stores have different sizes.. i mean.. at one store, I’m an XS, and then at the other i’m a M…. that sounds like a big difference too, but I know I’m not putting on and losing weight that quickly 😛

  2. My memory has been horrible as of late. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast or lunch the day before, and little “things to do today” that I try to remember get lost within minutes. Sigh… where’s the nearest ginseng distributor?…lol

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