Happy Snow Day, Valentine

The weather has sudden gone crazy. It snowed about 50cm last night. Hamilton is covered with nothing but white stuff. Driving conditions are horrible. Sidewalks are practically non-existent. And most part of the city has decided to shutdown for the day. Unfortunately, I still had to work.

Last night, I almost didn’t make it to work because I was sort of snowed in. At the time, the snow was has high as the base of the car. My door was scraping the snow when I opened it. If my car was white, it would have completely disappeared from view. It took me a good five minutes to remove all the snow that was on my car. A small amount of ice managed to form as well. My defroster isn’t working that well so I had to make sure all of the ice was scraped off before I started drive.

Since the snow was so high, I had a bit of trouble getting out of my street and onto the main road. The city streets weren’t plowed yet and I didn’t see any snow plows in sight. There weren’t too many cars on the road either. Since there was a snow storm warning in effect, I thought it would be wise to leave for work early.

I left home around 9:30pm just in case traffic would be backed up. The streets of Hamilton looked pretty clear but I doubt the highway was going to be the same. I assumed that the highway would be cleared since there are always people driving on it. But when I got onto the 403 westbound, it was all covered as well. I had no idea which lane I was driving in. I know that I drove over the bumpy side marker a few times. You know those things on each side of the road that causes your car to shake rapidly and make those loud rumbling noses?

Most drivers were safe about driving in this condition. A three lane high way was turned into two lanes. Everyone was following the car in front of them and for safety reasons, we all decided to keep the center lane cleared, with the exception of a few assholes who are in a rush and decided to use the center lane to pass everyone.

Somewhere down the road, the fast lane started to clear up as if someone had plowed it. I slowly switched over to that lane because it was a lot safer than the current lane that I was in. I don’t quite understand why the other drivers didn’t follow suit. Traffic was moving fairly quickly in this lane too. For some reason, they preferred to swerve around in a lane that they can’t even see.

When I arrived in Mississauga, the conditions weren’t as bad as Hamilton. Mississauga’s city workers are usually out salting the street way before the first snow fall anyway. But tonight, driving conditions in the city was just as bad as Hamilton but there wasn’t as much snow. I assume that by the time morning arrives, the condition would have worsened.

To my surprised, it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t snow as much over night as I had expected. The drive out of Mississauga wasn’t too bad either. But still, the streets weren’t being plowed yet. I guess the city officials planned on this snow day.

Jack Astor’s

Business resumed as usually. On the drive out of town, I saw that there were a few snow plows shoveling snow out of the parking lot of Square One. I don’t know what good that will do since the roads are completely covered in snow. I doubt a lot of people will be able to use those parking lots since they can’t get there in the first place.

403 Eastbound

Once I got onto the highway, pretty much everything came to a crawl. Drivers were actually using their common sense to realize that they should be driving very slowly. From Mississauga up until Oakville, I barely went as fast as 50km/h. My foot was starting to get tired from having to step on the gas and then the brakes every so often. I wanted to put the car into cruise control and keep it at 20km/h but unfortunately, cruise control doesn’t operate at such low speeds.


Somewhere down the road, I managed to get ahead of everyone. That’s the advantage of driving on the lane that appears to be somewhat plowed. Even though there was plenty of room on the road, this truck thought it was a good idea to driver very close to me. This particular part of the high way had four lanes. He could have easily driven on the lanes closest to the left but he wanted to drive right beside me. My rear windows was frosted so I couldn’t see exactly what was coming up from behind me.

Entering Hamilton

It took me about an hour to drive home. On a good day, I would only take me half the time but under the circumstances it took twice as long. Even getting into Hamilton turned to be a little difficult. Since there weren’t too many cars entering the city, the on-ramp remained covered in snow.

Queen and York

The city streets didn’t look any better. By the time I got into Hamilton, it was close to 8:30am. Snow plow trucks should be out shoveling the streets followed by salt trucks by now but there weren’t any to be seen. I guess that calls for a snow day.

Hess and Cannon

Some of the businesses around town decided to open, especially florist since it was Valentine’s Day. There are probably a lot of guys running around looking to buy flowers but I doubt there would be much left. They’ll be lucky if they can get a couple of roses today.

Most schools got the day off today. Mohawk College and McMaster University had their doors closed until noon. I don’t know why they don’t just close for the whole day. Hamilton Public Libraries were also closed. My friend called me as soon as I got home, asking for a ride to work. He works at the library and although it’s closed, he still had to go in. Apparently, he didn’t think it would be snowing this bad so he slept in. I don’t know how he didn’t see this storm coming.

I didn’t want to have to head back out onto the road because I was already tired from having to shovel a parking spot for my car. I tried to drive over the snow bank and just get my car into the spot but the snow was too high. I ended up shoveling for half an hour before I made enough room to get in. Since I was parked there, that meant my brother was blocked in. Behind his car was a snow bank that was as high as his car. With my car in front of him and the snow bank behind him, there was no way he was going to get out. Luckily he only works down the street so he can walk.


Walking from my car to the front door turned out to be hard too. I ran out of breath just walking in two feet of snow. Usually my dad would bring our his snow blower and clear the snow for the whole neighbourhood but unfortunately, he had to get to work. Every year, my dad and my next door neighbour would bust out their gas powered snow blowers and clear the snow from each side. It saved the rest of the neighbours from having to break their backs with shoveling. In December, the snow blowers didn’t get used much because we didn’t get this much snow back then. But now, with 50cm of snow, it all takes it about five to ten minutes and everything was cleared.

Front of my house

Here you can see the aftermath of last night’s snow storm. That seat of this bench is about knee high and it’s totally covered. Even the shovel was covered in snow before I grabbed it to shovel myself a parking spot. In the bucket is salt but not much help that’s going to be with this much snow.


I was surprised that my mailbox didn’t get completely covered in snow. I haven’t written my name in the snow for a while so I wrote it on my mailbox. Now the courier will know that this is my house and maybe he’ll stop stealing my Maxim issues. I feel sorry for them because they have to work. As their motto goes, “through rain or shine, or sleet or snow” they’ll get your mailed delivered to you.


Check out the amount of snow on my dad’s van. I don’t know how it landed like that to form this slope. It makes me want to get on top of the roof and jump into it. But I don’t think that’s it’s such a good idea because it’s fresh powdered snow so I’ll just end up landing on the roof of the van and breaking something. Or even worse, it’s probably slippery underneath all that snow. I’ll probably hit the roof of the van and then slide down and land on the ground. It might sound like it’s a fun thing to do when you think about it but I think I’ll pass.

Dad’s van

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  1. haha.. the sloped up snow on the van is kinda funny looking. haha.. great picture though! Glad that you made it safely home, Don. Weather is really bad and you don’t know what retards are behind the wheel. Also, maybe you shouldn’t take pictures while you’re driving… lol.. it is slightly dangerous. =P

  2. haha the last picture looks like a hippy van.. my van had that today too.. except it was on the trunk, so it looks like i got a super spoiler at the back.. damn… i shoulda taken a picture

  3. hahaha.. the advantage of being a computer guy is that I can multi-task like crazy!

    I think it would have been funny if my dad was driving around with the snow on his roof… people would think that he had the sickest ride in town…

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