Lazy eye

Most people’s faces have a symmetrical aspect to them. Symmetry is a good thing and it makes things look normal. Just about every part of the human body is proportioned to another. If you’ve ever seen the “Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci, you would know.

If something is symmetrical, it is considered to be beautiful or so it said somewhere. If you were to take a picture of your face, divide it down the middle, copy one side, flip it over to the other side and it makes you look the same, then you’re beautiful. If you don’t look the same then you’re not so beautiful but it’s not to say you’re ugly either. Some people are picky when it comes to stuff like this. Unless you’re a computer or have an eye for symmetry, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

Lazy eye

My face isn’t 100% symmetrical but I’m still a handsome devil. For starters, my left eye is more opened than my right eye. The reason for that was because I walked into a fence when I was younger. And no, I didn’t see it.

Back in Elementary School I was playing a game of Borden Ball during the morning recess. Borden Ball is similar to American/Canadian Football but the person who has the ball is the quarterback. Basically, you continuously pass the ball to your teammates until you score a touchdown. Once you’ve been passed the ball, you’re allowed to take three steps. After that, you have to get rid of the ball.

When my team received the ball, they passed it to each other and we made our way down the field. Our playground wasn’t that big of an area so it wasn’t long before we got into the end zone. I was in the end zone and no one was covering me so my teammate passed me the ball. I caught the ball and turned around to take my three steps only I wasn’t aware that the fence was directly behind me. I turned and slammed my head right into the fence.

The fence must have been about four foot high and I was just a few inches shorter. I don’t know what part of the fence I hit but I scraped the top part of my eye against it and I was bleeding for a bit. I went to the school nurse and they patched me up quickly. I was fine to continue to attend classes. I just couldn’t see with my right eye.

When I temporarily took off the bandage, I saw that my eye was all sort of shades of blue, purple and black. When adults came over to my house and saw that I was injured, they asked my parents what had happened. My parents told them that I was beat up by a fence which was some what true. I was pretty clumsy when I was younger. I got injured a lot because of sports but they were mostly minor injuries.

My eye stayed closed for about a couple of days. I’m not sure if the little mishap affected my vision in anyway. I didn’t start wearing eye glasses until the middle of my high school years so I don’t think it was a big impact. My vision isn’t that poor though. I am not required to wear glasses while I’m driving but during some weather conditions, I find that they are helpful.

Sometimes, faces that are within ten meters of me are a bit blurry. I tend to take a few seconds before the face registers as a recognizable face. There have been times when I didn’t notice the person until they called out my name. If it wasn’t for that, I would have kept on walking. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, it’s just that I wasn’t paying attention.

The optometrist recommended that I wear my glasses often in order to prevent my eye sight from getting worse. I’ve had an eye exam done twice and comparing the two times, they’ve gotten slightly worse. My distance vision for oculus dexter (right eye) worsen from -0.25 to -0.75 and for oculus sinister (left eye) worsen from -0.25 to -0.50. If my memory serves me right, then the numbers are something like that.

I remember the optometrist mentioning that I would have a little trouble judging distances and it’s true. I have trouble parallel parking because every time I back up, I think I’m going to hit the car behind me. If I get out to check how much space I have, I can see that there’s plenty.

Lately, I haven’t been wearing my prescription eye glasses because I’ve misplaced them somewhere. I’ve tried to retrace my steps to see if I can remember where I might have put them down but I’m not having any luck. I found the case for it though but it was empty. I have an old pair of glasses but it’s with my previous prescription so it’s slightly weaker.

There is a chance that the little run in with the fence is causing my vision to slowly deteriorate but I can still see. I guess the good thing about hitting that fence is that I can close one eye at a time. Not a lot of people can do that because it takes a lot to control the individual muscles on your face. Majority of the muscles in your face works in sync with the opposite side of your face. If you were to smile naturally, your lips should make a symmetrical curve. Since I’ve learned to control my eye, I am able to even it out when I take pictures. But sometimes I forget about it and I look like I’m half asleep.