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When I arrived at work the other night, my coworker informed me of a few extra tasks that Tech Support has to do. It’s bad enough that we’re already doing work for another department but now we’ve got another load to worry about. Most of the extra duties are pointless because it can be done by the person requesting the task. So I’m not sure exactly why they’re asking us to do this in the first place.

As of this week, one of the Tech Support and my boss went on vacation. So that means Tech Support is a little short staffed. My boss is on vacation for a week and the other Tech Support will be gone for three weeks. We had to do a little shifting around in the schedule to accommodate the missing man power. I’m still doing my night shifts only I have an extra four hours to worry about on Sunday.

Since my boss is away, we have to respond to someone else. I’m not sure why he placed the accountant in charge of us but I don’t think he’s the right person for the job. He doesn’t know much about our department. He handles our payroll so I don’t think he’s technically literate to be my boss’ replacement. He should have placed someone with knowledge of the field in charge rather than someone from accounting. Heck, I would have taken the job if he had made me boss for a week. I would make sure lots of things get done on time.

It seems like every week, a new task is added to the Tech Support’s to-do list. A while ago, we were put in charge of being customer service for a new product of the company. When that product first launch, we were put in charge of activating the services for customers. But that consumed a lot of our time and we weren’t able to complete our main duties. So the company started up a new department for that product. They transferred two the of Tech Support guys over to that department. That was when I started working overtime.

Even though this new department has two of the Tech Support guys, we still had to take over some of their duties because they don’t work on the weekend. Actually, they don’t work pass 5:00pm either so that meant someone had to attend to the phone once they have left the office. Now we’re back to being customer service representatives for that product again. There are days that we get a lot of phone calls and we can’t do our work because of them. Sometimes I resort to asking the callers to call back during regular business hours. Why they want to activate the service at 3:00am is beyond me.

Along with being customer service, we had to monitor the servers. That’s what we’ve been doing all along but now they want us to send out reports when the server goes down. They also want us to enter the same information into an Excel file. I don’t see the point of doing both because it’s the same information. All of the information that we’re entering and emailing to them is readily accessible. Every time the server goes down, everyone in the technical department will receive an email from the application that monitors the servers. All they have to do is retrieve that email and look at the time.

Server down time isn’t the only thing that we have to keep track of. Now we have to update some task in the system with our daily activities. I have no idea what the purpose of that is. Basically, I’m just telling them that I’m working my eights hours. When my boss was here, we never had to update anything. We just did our work and that was that.

All of these extra duties are just preventing my coworkers and I from doing our job in a timely manner. When I first started, I wasn’t able to go through every single trouble ticket within eight hours. Now, I can update majority of them without any problem. But it seems like I’m spending less and less time on the trouble tickets because I have to answer the phone every ten minutes.

When my shift is over I have to update a task that says I worked eight hours. I have to enter a detailed description of what was done during my shift. We weren’t required to do this before so I don’t know why we have to do it now. It appears that somebody is pretending like they’re actually working by asking Tech Support to fill it out. If I have any questions regarding what he wants done, he asks that I call him. Not much good that will do since he never seems to answer my phone when I call. Of course, who would want to answer their phone in the middle of the night? Even my emails aren’t getting answered. It seems like I have to talk to him via another coworker.

The company that I work for isn’t the best company around. I’m not here during the day so I don’t see or hear about all the stuff that goes on. The coworkers whom I speak with on day to day basis are cool people. It’s the ones that I don’t speak with that aren’t so cool. I’m pretty easy to get along with but if I can’t get along with a certain person, there’s something wrong with them. It takes a lot to rub me the wrong way.

I think with the way things are going now, I’ll probably end up slacking off. If there’s too much work to do, I won’t be able to complete everything. Eventually, I just won’t care about the job and I’ll end up doing nothing. I don’t want to do that because that would mean my coworkers would have to pick up the slack and I don’t want to have to do that to them. It’s a good thing that the week is over and my boss will be back next week. Hopefully, the duties that were bestowed upon us were temporary and things will be back to normal.

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  1. Don,
    Writing like this don’t you afraid people from your company (the boss, or that accounting dept boss) might reading this blog also ? 🙂

  2. No, those guys aren’t really too interested in my personal life. There’s only a few people from work that know about my site and they found out on their own.

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