A Moment to Remember

A friend recommended that I watch a Korean movie called, “A Moment to Remember.” It took me a file to find the Korean title for this movie because my friend sent me the Chinese version of it. And that title was super long. It was as if the Chinese title for this movie was “A Particular Point in Time to Recall Knowledge from Memory.” This is somewhat of a chick flick because it’s sad and makes you want to cry. Not that I cried or anything.

A Moment to Remember

It’s about a couple that falls in love with each other. They met during their worse times in life. At the beginning of the movie, the girl, Su Jin (Son Ye-Jin) is waiting at the train station. A few train passes by but she doesn’t get on. It’s as if she’s waiting for something to get there. As she’s sitting there, a guy that looks like a bum, Chul Soo (Jung Woo-Sung) sits up from the bench behind here. He asks Su Jin for a lighter but she doesn’t smoke.

After waiting around all day, Su Jin decides that the person whom she’s waiting for isn’t coming so she leaves. As she’s leaving, she starts to cry and goes into a daze. She goes into a convenient store and buys something to drink but she forgets the drink as she leaves the store. Half way down the street she realizes that she forgot her drink so she turns around a goes back.

As she gets to the store, she bumps into the homeless guy. He’s got a can of Coke in his hand so she thinks that he took hers because she had left it on the counter. She opens it and drinks it in front of him, burps and gives him back the empty can and leaves.

Half way down the street again she realizes that she doesn’t have her wallet so she turns around again. When she gets to the store, the clerk pulls out her wall from behind the counter. He also hands her the can of Coke that she bought. That’s when she realizes that she made a mistake by assuming the homeless guy took her Coke. She tries to find him but he was long gone.

As fate would have it, they would end up meeting again in the future. Su Jin moved back in with her parents and works for their company. Chul Soo happens to be working in construction for Su Jin’s father.

Su Jin gets a project in her father’s company where she needed assistant of a carpenter because of a deal that went wrong. Her father sends over someone to help with the renovation. When that person arrives, Su Jin saw that it was the homeless man that she took the can of Coke from. Before Chul Soo could recognize her, she runs and hides.

She wanted to make things write so she goes to the pop machine to pay Chul Soo back. As she reached for the can of Coke another hand grabs it first. Chul Soo opens the can, drinks it, burps and hands Su Jin the empty can. From that point, Su Jin starts to develop feelings for Chul Soo.

It’s interesting to see two different people from two different walks of life meet up and fall in love. Su Jin is part of the upper class that comes from a wealthy family. Chul Soo is part of the middle class where it works to make a living. But the two didn’t let their social background getting in the way of their relationship.

As the movie goes on, you see that Su Jin starts to become forgetful about things. She goes to the doctor’s and is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She hides this information from Chul Soo, who is now her husband. She is stressed out from the fact that one day she will eventually forget the man that she loves. Chul Soo eventually finds out but he’s determined to stay by her side no matter what.

Towards the ending of the movie, the story starts to get very sad. Su Jin’s most recent memories are the first to go. Su Jin starts calling Chul Soo by the name of her past boyfriends but Chul Soo has too much pride to correct her. By now, she has even forgotten the fact that she has Alzheimer’s. Her memory comes and goes without warning. In the end, he still remembers Chul Soo but she doesn’t know why or how she knows him. Chul Soo does everything in his powers to ensure her happiness even if she has forgotten the happiest days of their lives.

This movie is part of a long line of other movies that discusses illnesses, in this case Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a disease that mainly affects the elderly but that doesn’t stop it from happening to the younger people. It’s unlikely to happen but it’s not impossible. The movie shows what the families of Alzheimer’s patients go through. To be forgotten by a loved one is very heartbreaking.

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  2. I don’t think the movie should differ too much from the novel. They might shorten the storyline a little but everything else should be the similar.

  3. I don’t know too many Korean stars but I’d have to say that she’s my favourite too… I guess once you watch one celebrity, you tend to stick to that one…

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