Dude, that’s my car

I drive a green 1996 Toyota Camry. It’s not the best car in the world but it gets me from point A to point B. I’ve been driving it since the summer of last year and it’s been running fairly smoothly until lately. I share the car with my brother so we split the cost of things down the middle. Usually it’s down the middle. He will pay for insurance and I will pay for the gas. Lately, we’ve been putting out month to get the car fixed up a little. It’s turning out to be a lot more costly than I originally thought.

I haven’t had for long and now it is starting to get messed up. There was a lot of work done on it in order to get it to run and now it’s slowly breaking down. It already has over three hundred thousand kilometers on it and I’m hoping it’s in good shape to last a couple thousand more. But right now, I think it’s in pretty good shape for a ten year old car. When we purchased the car, the front quarter panel had been replaced. It hadn’t been painted yet so it looks a little odd. Cosmetically, the car looks fine. There aren’t too many rust and the paint is still in good condition.

A tune up hasn’t been performed on the car in a long time, at least not since summer. My brother took the car into Canadian Tire and got them to do it quickly. It cost him $75 or so to get the tune up done. I don’t know what they did but a typical tune up consists of replacing filters, checking the electrical system and maybe lubricating some parts. For the oil filter, you’re supposed to change it every three to four months or every three thousand kilometers, which over comes first. In our case, both of those have pasted. I think we put five thousand kilometers on it in six months or so. I think it was over due for a tune up.

Along with the tune up, the car needs new sets of tires as well. The one that are currently on there are starting to get worn out. Sometimes when I’m driving, I can feel the car slip a little when I’m turning. I don’t want the car to be slipping when I’m on the highway traveling at high speed especially not when there’s snow on the road.

One time, when I was coming down the mountain, I felt the back tires slip as I turned the corner. The passengers in the car didn’t feel it though. I think that the drivers is the only one to notice things like these because they’re the one who’s steering. When I told everyone in the car about it, one of my friends almost cry because she was scared. She mentioned that she will never get into the car with me ever again. She hasn’t since that day.

A set of new tires was estimated to cost over $100 per tire. I talked with my friend who owns an auto shop and he said that he might be able to get brand new tires for $60 each. That’s a huge shaving so I’ll be going to him. Plus, I only need three more at the moment. Nothing special, just regular all season tires.

Unfortunately, those other three will have to wait until I get some money. The one rear tire had to be replaced because it was bulging and it somehow warped the rims. As I’m driving, I can hear the tire sort of wobble. Earlier today, my brother called me and told me about a flat tire. I don’t know if we have a spare tire anywhere. If not, we’ll have to get another tire right away.

Along with new tires, the windshield wipers needed replacing too. The old ones were leaving streaks all over the windshield. During the drive to work, the windshield would start to get fogged up so I’ll turn on the defrost. But later, I found that the fogginess is on the outside. The salt that’s on the road is being kicked up by the car in front of me and it’s splashing onto my windshield. I had to use the wipers and some windshield washer fluid. But the current wipers would only get rid of some of the salt. It would do a good job on the passenger side but not quite a good job on the driver side. It seems to only clear away the top half of the windshield. So as I’m driving, I’m sort of slouching a bit to see through that patch that the wipers cleaned up.

Speaking of cleaning, my stupid drunk ass friend puked in my car. I didn’t notice it because it was too damn cold. It wasn’t until the heat turned on that I started smelling something odd. I didn’t know it was puke until I stop to get out. On the rear passenger seat was a orange coloured stain. I’ve had a few people puke in my car before so I know what this stain was. How the hell do people drink so much to the point where they’re puking and can’t control themselves. When I drank, I knew when I got close to my limit and I stopped.

My brother told me that this friend was out and probably drank two beers. Two beers and he’s throwing up chunks in the car. If I was out partying with this guy, I would stop calling him out because he can’t hold his alcohol. It’s no fun if you get drunk easily and everyone else has to take care of you while you’re slumped over the toilet. From what I heard, this guy was passed out in the washroom and locked himself in it. People had to break into the washroom to get him out.

There’s a whole bunch of problems that’s never seems to stop. It’s just one thing after another with this car. I think we’ve spent more money on maintaining it than we did on the car itself. What makes it hard to get these repairs done is the weather. My garage is full of band stuff so I can’t bring the car in there to have work done on it. I still need to get some issues with the car door resolved but that might have to wait until I can find some place warm to work on it. No one should be outside in this weather.