I can’t feel my toes

Today has got to be one of the coldest days I’ve ever experienced in my life! It’s so cold that I can feel my nose hair freeze when I inhaled. I just hope that no one is left outside during this weather. They should have a cold warning and make sure that everyone is kept warm including the bums.

My room hasn’t gotten any warmer since I first turned on the heater. The heat has been on for forty eight hours on full and it isn’t helping. My room is at normal room temperature of 22 degree Celsius. It feels more like 0 degrees Celsius. Last night, I curled up into a ball and remained that way until I woke up this morning. Usually when I sleep, my head is outside of my blanket but not last night. I had every part of my body underneath the blanket and I make sure that no air could get in.

This afternoon, I had to make my way to the library today to talk to some coworkers. It was a bad idea to have gone outside in the first place. I took one step out the door and knew I would be regretting it. At the time, it was -16 degrees Celsius and with the wind chill, it felt like -25 degrees.

Before heading out, I made sure to bundle up on layers. I was wearing a wool coat on top of a cotton sweater on top of a long sleeved micro fiber shirt on top of a t-shirt and I had a scarf as well. But all of that was no match for the harsh Canadian weather.

As I walked down the street, I didn’t have too much trouble with the cold. But then the wind picked up and I couldn’t breathe. My nose started running but the snot must have instantly froze. My lips started to dry up, my ears went numb, my cheeks started to burn and I could no longer feel my ears. I’ve only gone as far as crossing the street when all of this hit me. I still have a couple more blocks to go. I had a hat on to keep the heat from escaping from my head but it didn’t help much. I used it as a wind shield but that didn’t work too well either. I eyes started to water and it blurred my vision. I tried to use my hands to wipe the tears away but I couldn’t bring my hands out of my pockets. I was close to the entrance of the mall anyway so I just wait.

When I got inside, I quickly wiped away the tear and regained my vision. I found myself breathing heavily and felt a little tired. There was a mirror close by and I saw that my head was completely red. My ears were red and felt like they were going to fall off. My nose was red and it felt like my nose hair was going to fall out. My cheeks were read and were still burning. I quickly rubbed my hands together to warm them up and transfer the heat to my ears, cheeks and nose.

As those parts start to warm up, I noticed that I couldn’t feel my toes. My boots aren’t wind proof so some of the cold air must have gotten in. Plus, I think my socks have holes in them. I was too busy walking to notice that I couldn’t feel my toes.

There aren’t too many people that are brave enough to go outside during this weather. When I got to the library, I saw that one of my friends was there as well. She didn’t have to be there but she was visiting a friend. She lives further than I do so I feel sorry for her when she left. I just have to walk for about five minutes to get to my house. She has to wait for the bus and once she gets off the bus, she has to walk to her house. I don’t know if she made it out of the cold alive.

I think the weather got worst when I headed home. The wind wasn’t too bad because I walked between the buildings where as before, I was in a wide open field. But when I got a block before my house, the wind picked up again. The same thing happened to my head and everything went red. Only this time, the wind was stronger. It was strong enough that my hands started to go numb and it was inside my pockets. When I arrived at my door, I could barely turn the key to unlock the doors.

The next time I need to go to the library to talk to someone, I’m going to think twice. Never again will I go out in this weather. I’ll just call them up on the telephone if I need to speak with them. But if I have to go out, I’m going to make sure I dress up like an Eskimo first. Or better yet, I’ll just put on every piece of clothing that I have so I’ll look like I weigh a couple of hundred pounds. I’ll even double up on the socks. Heck, I’ll wear the sock outside of my boots if it’ll help keep my toes from freezing. As long as I’m warm, I’ll go out in any weather.