That’s my name too

I was lying in bed one night when my cell phone rang. I woke up but the phone was too far away for me to answer it. It was sitting inside my coat pocket which was hanging in the closet. It rang a few times before hanging up. I had no idea what time it was because I passed out around 5:00pm. It was dark outside so I thought it would be early in the morning. It turned out to be only 10:00pm.

I had enough sleep for a while so I just woke up and went to check on my missed call. It was my friend from Ottawa. I’m sure she’s calling me to tell me that she received the package that I sent her. It was a little late so I didn’t call her back. I prefer not to call to anyone’s house after 10:00pm. Even if I know they’re still awake, someone else in the house might not be.

As I lay in bed, my cell phone rings again. The call display says that it’s a call from Chinaman but the person on the phone was Chinawoman. There was a Wii party at Jenn’s and they had asked if I wanted to go. I know of two people named Jenn and they both have access to a Wii. How weird is that?

Anyway, I picked up the phone and ended up talking to a whole bunch of people. It was totally unexpected and being half asleep I wasn’t sure what to do. So basically, I just mumbled some stuff as the other end played Hot Potato with the phone.

Me: Wei!
Carole: Don? Jenn wants to talk to you.
Me: Uhhh, alrighty.
Jenn: Don, I cut my finger.
Me: Wah? Why? What happened?
Jenn: I was cutting green onions and cut my finger.
Me: Why on earth would you want to cut your finger for?
Jenn: I don’t know.
Me: Is it badly cut?
Jenn: I don’t know. Come over! We’re having a Wii party!
Me: Oh yeah, I remembered but I don’t have a car. My brother took it.
Jenn: Oh, you suck…
Me: Eh, I can’t help it if my brother takes the car.
Jenn: Oh, alright. Here’s Carole.
Me: Uhhh, alrighty.
Carole: Hey! You want to talk to Ricky?
Me: Uhhh, alrighty.
Ricky: Sup mang!
Me: Wei! Nei ho ma?
Ricky: You want to come over?
Me: I don’t have a car.
Ricky: I can come get you. It might take an hour though.
Me: Oh no, don’t worry about it. I’m too tired to do anything.
Ricky: Oh, I see. Okay wait.
(Jenn in the background: Let Don talk to Don!)
Carole: Hello!
Me: Who am I speaking with now?
Carole: It’s Carole!
Me: Oh, you sound like a white person.
Carole: I can’t believe you said that.
Me: Well, I don’t talk to you on the phone often enough to recognize your voice.
Carole: Wait, here’s Don.
Me: Wait, what?
Don: Hello?
Me: Hi, who’s this?
Don: It’s Don.
Me: Oh… uhhh… ummm… I’m Don too…

The phone got passed around a few more times before the call ended. I guess the main purpose of the call was to get Don to speak with me. I find this a little weird because as it stands, I don’t know anyone who has the same name as I do. I know of people with the same name but I’ve never spoken with them. I find it a little awkward to speak with someone with the same first name as me.

I know of a few people who have similar names but when we speak of that person, I have no idea who they’re talking about. I’ll think they’re talking about a particular person but later find out it’s the other one. There’s a lot of confusion on that conversation. Some of them will have a different Cambodian name but it’s rare that anyone will refer to them by that name, hence the confusion.

I have a good friend name Savoeun but I always call him Voeun because I’m not a fan of two syllable names. I have people calling me Donald or Donathin sometimes but I tell them it’s just Don. One time, an optometrist was persistent in writing Donald on my eye glass prescription. I told him that it’s just plain Don but he preferred Donald. I should have suggested a name like, Donald Lauder Winchester the Second. Have fun writing out that name on the prescription paper.

Anyway, my friend was talking about Voeun and for some reason she kept referring to him as a girl. I thought maybe it was a little joke between them but I wasn’t sure. So I interrupted and asked why she was calling Voeun a girl. It turned out that they were talking about the girl Voeun and not the guy Voeun. The thing that made it confusion was they mentioned Saron.

At the time, I was speaking with Sarem who was talking about Voeun. In the story she mentioned Voeun and Saron. Saron is Sarem’s twin sister. Saron’s best friend is also named Saron. That Saron is married to my friend named Voeun. Are you following me or did I lose you? So when Sarem mentioned Saron and Voeun, I was thinking she was talking about the married couple. But she was talking about her sister and girl Voeun. In the end, this conversation went nowhere because I was confused from the start.

For now, I would prefer to the only Don that someone knows. If they know another person by the same name, I will have to end our friendship in order to save our insanity. It might be harsh but they’ll thank me for it later. It’s good that I have a small circle of friends where everyone has a different name. If there are two people with the same name, we just give them nick name. For example, Tan. We call him Gay Tan. I don’t know why we call him Gay Tan since he’s the only Tan in the group. So be careful if you befriend me and someone I know has a similar name like yours because one of you will be the gay one. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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