That’s not busy

People are MSN are starting to become annoying. Not annoying because of the fact that they keep hitting the nudge button. Annoying because of their online status. Over half of my contact list will be people who are supposedly “away” but everyone knows that they’re there. Then you have the few that are set to “busy” but everyone knows that they are not.

For the people that are away, I don’t mind too much because sometimes they are actually away. Some of them use their MSN as an answering machine. If you can’t get a hold of them on their phone, you can leave them a message on MSN. It’s a pretty good idea actually. I’ve never thought about using MSN as an answering service. You can save yourself some money on cell phone bills.

If any of my contacts have their status set to away, I don’t message them. I don’t want to have to play the guessing game as to whether they are online or not. There’s a 50/50 chances of either outcome so I don’t bother. With the exception of one because she always has her status set to “away” but usually she’s there. I just don’t know when. I have to do some detective work in order to find out. I have yet to see her status set to “online” but I don’t see that happening.

Then there are the odd times where someone’s status is set to “busy.” When you’re “busy,” it’s not the same as “away.” Someone who is away could be at the computer but just left for a few seconds to get something. Someone who’s busy is a liar! There’s no way you can be online and busy. If you have the time to sign into MSN, then you’re not busy. If you have time to set yourself to “busy” then you’re not busy.

At the moment, there are currently fourteen people in “away” mode and two are in “busy” mode. It is rather early in the morning right now so I can safely assume that the people that are in “away” mode are actually away. With the exception of one because she recently signed in and her status was set to “away” immediately. Damn you!

The two people that are in “busy” mode, have no idea what busy means. They should have their status set to away because they’re away. Well, you could say that they’re busy sleeping but that’s not right. If you’re sleeping, you’re not busy doing anything. One of them was my coworker from my last job. She’s online often but I know she’s not doing much on the computer because she barely knows how to use it. The other person who’s “busy” is my friend in British Columbia. Right now, it’s about 6:00am over there so he’s likely busy sleeping too.

People who set their status to “away” or “busy” I don’t mind too much. I understand that they might not be in the mood to chat. I get the hint. But it’s those people has their status set to “online” and they’re too busy to chat. Or even worse, they’re not even there. That’s just annoying. That’s almost the same as if you were hanging out with someone and you ask them a question and they hold up a piece of paper that says “away.” There are etiquettes to being online but no one cares about it anymore. They do what they want.

If someone messages me, I can safely assume that they’re not busy, right? Why would they be busy if they can afford time to send me a message. When I initiate a conversation, I see it through until the other person starts to slow down on their responses. I usually get the last word in because I talk a lot online. Anyone who has talked with me knows that I tend to say a lot. When I start to get one word responses, I get the hint.

When someone initiates a conversation with me, I don’t expect them to end it but I do expect them to have free time to talk with me. Otherwise, what’s the point in starting the conversation. To start a conversation with me and then tell me you’re too busy to talk is just stupid. That’s like calling me up on my cell phone and then asking me to wait. That’s just not stupid, it’s rude as well.

I had an online conversation with someone today, whom I haven’t seen in a while, mainly because I tend to avoid her. I told her that I haven’t seen her in a while because I’ve been rather busy with work and errands. She mentioned that she was busy too with her intramural group thing that she organized. I didn’t quite understand how busy she could be so I started a small argument.

Friend: How are you doing? I haven’t even see you this year yet.
Me: Yeah, I’ve been busy with work and the business. It’s kinda hard when you’re the President, the CEO, the Accountant, the Marketing Director, the Head of Public Relations, the Project Manager, the Graphics Designer and the Programmer…
Friend: I am the exact same trust me. I worked 25hrs on this thing per week and sometimes more.
Me: You don’t have it that bad.
Friend: Yah i do.
Me: The stuff that you do is just a walk in the park.
Friend: No it isn’t. We do so much traveling. I’m sure you can’t say that about our work because u don’t even know what we do so pppsssh.
Me: I travel as well. So tell me… what exactly do you do?
Friend: I don’t want to get into details. It’s not necessary.
Me: A basic summary would be suffice.
Friend: Actually no because I am busy.

How busy can this person be if they don’t have time to briefly describe something? Plus, it’s a Sunday. Nobody is busy on Sunday. Even God takes a break on Sunday. How is it that they can start a conversation and then not have time to talk? I don’t know about you guys, but I think working full time, commuting, managing a company and running errands is a lot busier than a sports club. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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  1. Hahaha… poor don… ;D

    I’ll give you my profile so you know how I work… xD

    Away Status, set on 1 minute idle (I set it to 1 minute just for the hell of it… ;D)
    Busy Status, set on an application running at full screen (Yes, there is a setting that does that)

    My Status, always valid (based on what I said above) ;D

    If I’m online, then I’m actually there, if I’m away, then I’m not there, if I’m busy, then I’m probably playing a full screen game or watching a video on full screen, otherwise I would see people messaging me… ;D

  2. I usually leave my msn on as an answering machine! ^_^
    Not intentionally though, but in case someone needs me for something… ;D
    Even though that’s not often… well… not often I guess… lol… ;s

  3. meh… those things cost $$$… and everyone usually just drops a msg on msn if they need me anyways… i rare ever get a home phone call… let alone a cell phone… ;s

    and you even said b4 that most people dont really need a cell… xD

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