For One More Day

Mitch Albom is one of the greatest writers that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. His books offers valuable life lessons and his writings are truly an inspirational. By then time you finish reading the book, it’ll have you thinking about your own life and how you can compare with the characters in the book. I’ve read all three books by Mitch Albom and I was never disappointed in the end.

For One More Day

For One More Day” is about getting the chance to fix the mistakes that you’ve made in the past. There are things that some of us did in the past that we’re not proud of. The things that we did when we were little are things that we done on impulse. Being young, we don’t know any better. But some people don’t change as they get older. Childhood traits are carried forward into adulthood but we should know better. There are things that we have done that haunt us to this day.

The main character is Charley “Chick” Benetto. He was so depressed with his life that he attempted to end it by committing suicide. The novel tells the stories of all of his regrets and mistakes that he has made in his life, the mother that he neglected and the father that neglected him. While trying to gain the love of his father, he pushes his mother away. His mother was the one that cared for him the most while his father was hardly ever there for him. He regrets having done that to his mother.

Something happens when he attempted suicide and he is given one more day with his mother. During that day, he learns what really happened in the past. The reason why his father left and what his mother had to go through to keep what was left of the family. His mother did a lot for him but he was so focused on his father that he didn’t see the love she had for him.

This book is a quick read and I high recommend it to everyone. It’s a book that will open your eyes and make you see what’s important in your life, the things that really matter.

There is not much we can do to change the past. What was done is done and cannot be changed. We should just forget about it and move on. But it’s hard to move on when the thing that you did is something that you regret. It is something that puts a lot of wait on your shoulders. Regret is a burden that drags you down day by day. There are things in the past that I regret. I learn from it in hopes that it builds character.