MySpace vs. Facebook

In the last couple of months, I’ve joined two big social networking sites. When the two came out, I had no plans on joining them because I didn’t quite see the need to join. I had MSN and I thought that was all that I needed. Little did I know that these other sites would connect me with people that I haven’t seen in ages. Friends who have come and gone, old coworkers from a previous job and even random people whom I don’t even know.

The two social networking sites that have made a huge name for themselves are Facebook and MySpace. Both of them have been around for a couple of years but I’ve never taken notice. I was too busy updating this site that I didn’t bother jumping onto the bandwagon. A lot of people I know are on these sites and they recommended that I sign up too. At first, I didn’t feel like it but eventually I gave in to the dark side.

I don’t know exactly what MySpace is for and how it became so popular. Supposedly, it originally started out as something for bands. Before signing up, I’ve been to a few of my friend’s MySpace but I couldn’t see what was so good about it. It was a basic page where people left comments about stuff. I’ve heard that there are celebrities that have their own MySpace but I haven’t seen any around yet.

When you sign up, Tom becomes your first friend. I didn’t know Tom and I didn’t know why he added me as a friend so I deleted him. I later found out that Tom is the face of MySpace. He’s the guy that started it all. After I deleted Tom, I went around searching for friends. The reason I signed up for MySpace in the first place was so I can keep in touch with a coworker that moved to Japan. He had a MySpace but I couldn’t leave him messages unless I had an account so I made one.


I didn’t know a lot of people with MySpace so I searched around for the one friend that did have it. His friends list contained most of the people that I knew, so it saved me from having to search for more. After that, there wasn’t much else to do but leave comments on other people’s pages.

Facebook is popular among students. The site is properly named after the book that some colleges hand out to students and faculties. The book contains a directory of people with their names and pictures on it. The reason why I didn’t join Facebook at first was because I was already done with school. Joining a social networking website made for students when I’m not in school anymore didn’t make much sense. All of the people that I’ve met in college were already on my MSN list. I keep in touch with a few of them once in a while, to catch up on things.


Anyone that I would have met on Facebook would have probably been random people that I’ve probably seen around campus. But then my site started getting traffic from Facebook. Someone on Facebook was linking to a specific page on my site. Students who were using their school’s computer were visiting my site for something. When I checked the logs, they were viewing a post about “timbiting.” Apparently, timbiting is a well known past time among high school and college students.

The only reason why I signed up with Facebook was because I was curious about all the traffic. I couldn’t see exactly where it was coming from because I had to register an account to get pass the login screen. I didn’t want to register an account but nonetheless, my curiosity always gets the better of me.

I signed up, logged in and checked out who was linking to me. I saw that it was a group that someone made about timbiting. Supposedly, I was one of their victim but their story didn’t match up with my blog post so one of us is lying. The creator of the group admitted that he was the one that threw the timbits at me and stated, “Definitely one of our sessions. However we don’t throw more than two, nor do we miss. He’s clearly full of shit.”

I don’t remember getting hit by a timbit that night. If I was hit, I would have burst out laughing. It’s not every day that I get a timbit thrown at me. I would have been honoured to have been hit by a strawberry jelly filled timbit coated with white powdery frostings.

After finding out where the link came from, I planned on just letting my account sit there. But then one by one, my friends started adding me to their list. I have no idea how they found me. I didn’t tell anyone that I had signed up on Facebook. It was as if they were sitting around all day just waiting for me to sign up so they would add me. I later found it that it was a chain reaction. All it took was one person to add me for the others to know that I was on Facebook.

I think that Facebook is a lot better than MySpace. I got bored with MySpace very quickly whereas Facebook, I’m on there for hours at a time. I don’t do anything on MySpace anymore. That account is just sitting there. I don’t even bother to update my MySpace blog. But Facebook, they have an option for me to import this blog which makes it even better. I don’t have to type things out twice. Facebook will check my site every so often and will import anything new.

Comparing the two site’s layout, Facebook has a cleaner look to it. MySpace’s layout is just annoying. The default layout is fine but people are given the option to customize their pages and they’re doing an awful job at it too. Some pages contain so much garbage in them that they take forever to load. Nothing on the internet should take a long time to long especially with high speed connections. And there are some pages where people thought it would be a good idea to change the transparency of the page so everything fades into the background. Some of the pages just make my eyes want to bleed. When you allow people to change things that they know nothing about, you can always bet that they’ll ruin it.

Facebook is nice and clean and very well organized. The one thing that I like about it is the fact that there’s hardly an advertisement. MySpace has a section at the top for advertisement. Facebook has a small little section that you barely even notice. Plus, they have a lot of useful features implemented into the site. MySpace may be in the top 100 most visited sites but I think Facebook will eventually overtake them.

MySpace has this thing on their front page that displays “Cool New People” that are on the site. I thought that it would display a random profile of the new people that signs up. Those profile doesn’t look new though. I thought maybe my profile would show up there once in a while but it didn’t. Instead, it looks like it’s the same people cycling through the list. The one profile that I’ve noticed was Heidy. She’s from Hamilton and I’ve seen her around town a few times. She hangs out with some of the people that I know. It seemed like she was always on that front page.

One day, she added me to her friends list. With MySpace, you can’t add someone unless they approve of it. The same goes with Facebook. Since it was MySpace and I didn’t have plans on doing anything with the account, I added Heidy and left it at that.

A few weeks after signing up with Facebook, I get a request from someone to approve our friendship. It’s Heidy again. I don’t know how she found me on Facebook. I was starting to think that she was internet stalking me. But it turned out that we had some common friends on Facebook and she found me through them. Apparently, she worked at a local pizza shop that I go to a lot and that’s where she remembers me from. She’s has a very good memory because I don’t even recall her working there. But then again, she could have been stalking me back then too.

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