Use the sidewalk

One of these days, I’m going to run over a pedestrian, a jogger and maybe a squirrel. It’s bound to happen some day because none of them knows how to obey the laws of the road. If they want to go head to head with a car to test their might, who am I to stop them?

Every weekday, I come close to running over a Mac student. There’s a group of them that does not like to use the sidewalk. I can’t see what’s around every turn because it a bit dark and my head lights doesn’t shine at a forty five degree angle. If it so happens that a Mac student is walking on the road… whoops!

My brother works at McMaster Hospital. His shift starts around 5:30pm or so. Every time I drive him to work, I cut through the back area of McMaster because it has less traffic than the main road. I usually take King Street all the way down until I can’t go any further. This area has a 4-way stop at the end but nobody knows who has the right of way. When it’s time for them to go, a Mac student comes out of nowhere and crosses the street. Not want to hit the student, the driver has to step on the brakes.

This area has sidewalks on one side and no sidewalk on the other. But some Mac students like to walk on the side that doesn’t have a sidewalk. That area is pretty much just dirt and patches of grass here and there. Whether they’re walking on the sidewalk or the dirt area, is fine by me. It’s the ones that walks on the street that are asking to get run over.

Confucius say, “Mac student who walk in front of car get tired.

Early one morning, I was leaving work and saw a jogger running on the street. He was heading straight for me. It was as if we were playing chicken except I’m in a car and he’s in tight spandex. I was thinking that this guy was out of his mind. There’s no one out on the street that early except commuters. The streets and sidewalks were completely deserted and yet he decided to run on the street.

Your average jogger are usually dressed for the occasion. If it’s dark out, they’ll have something that will reflect light so you know that they’re there but not this guy. He was wearing dark coloured spandex and a dark coloured toque. He was just asking to be hit. I barely saw him because my head lights aren’t that strong. It shines about ten meters ahead and that’s it. In order to see this guy, I had to switch to high beams. I should have just blinded him and then run him over.

Obviously, I lost the game of chicken because I switched lanes so I chickened out first. As I drove by, he waved at me as if he was acknowledging me for switching lanes. I didn’t switch lanes for my own health, I did it because I didn’t want to put a dent in my car. This guy had the whole city to himself and he chose to go jogging on the street against oncoming traffic. People are stupid.

At least squirrels have enough brains to run back to where they came from if they see a car coming towards them. It’s basic animal instinct, well for most animals. A possum will likely play dead when it thinks it’s in danger. Playing dead while a pair of head lights are coming towards isn’t a good idea. I guess when a possum sees a car, it gets tired.