Old toy gets a facelift

I seem to be very fascinated with cubes lately. First the Black Cube and now the Rubik’s Cube. Well, I’ve had a fascination with the Rubik’s Cube since high school. I can never get bored of it no matter how many times I solve it. There are millions of possible ways to solve the cube but in the end, there’s only one solution. I made a little video of me solving the cube but I think I lost it when I switched to WordPress.

Rubik's cube

I don’t remember how I got my hands on the Rubik’s cube in the first place. I’ve played around with them in the past but I’ve never actually given them much thought. I found them boring at first because all I did was twist and turn the sides. When I had one of its face solved, the other five sides were all messed up. Being at kid at the time, I gave up because it was boring.

I picked it up again during my high school years. I had found a website that would solve the cube for you. All you had to do was enter the cube’s current orientation and submit it to the website. A few seconds later, you’ll have all the steps required to solve the cube. The amount of twists and turns needed ranged anywhere from twenty five to a hundred fifteen, or even more depending on how scrambled the cube is.

Without the help of that website, I had no idea how to solve the cube. I understood how to solve one face but I couldn’t understand how to get the other layers. I didn’t understand until my friend showed me one day.

Long is a friend of mine. I don’t see him as often now. The last time we met up was around Christmas. A bunch of us met up at Outbacks for Christmas dinner. Long and I took a few classes together back in high school. We had the same classes for Auto Mechanic and Manufacturing Technology.

One summer, he saw me playing with the Rubik’s cube and he asked me about it. He told me that his uncle and taught him how to solve it. I wanted to know how to solve it too so I asked Long to show me. It took me three days to learn all the moves required to solve the cube.

Solving the cube is a lot easier to solve to what most people think. Some people will try to solve it one face at a time but that doesn’t quite work. The Rubik’s cube is best solved when you’re doing them in layers. When you solve the first layer, you’re solving that face plus a third of four other faces. Then you work on the second layer. And finally, you complete the bottom layer. I’ve seem some people solve the eight corners first and then work their way in. I have no idea how to do that. I think I’ll stick to solving it layer by layer.

Rubik's cube with no stickers

Then you have those people that likes to cheat and peel off the stickers. I have never resorted to this but I have been tempted. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that the stickers wouldn’t be as sticky if I kept doing it. As you can see, I complete peeled off all the stickers. Now, I have another Black Cube. Those things are just popping up everywhere!

Last week, I ordered new stickers from Cubesmith. I came across that site while reading some stuff on Digg. This site has pictures of all the different kinds of Rubik’s cube. I have a simple 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube but there are cubes out there that has a 10x10x10 configuration. The 3x3x3 cube already has forty three quintillion (43,252,003,274,489,856,000) possible configurations. For the 10x10x10, the possible configuration is more than tripled, exponentially speaking. Keep in mind that only one of those configuration is the correct one.

Anyway, the new stickers arrived the other day and that’s why I peeled off the old ones. This isn’t your average Rubik’s cube stickers though. The old stickers contained six colours but the new stickers are in red and white and has letters, numbers and words on them.

Rubik's cube with new stickers

To some people, the cube may look random with words that don’t quite make sense. Majority of you will notice the reason for the new stickers. If you don’t see it, you need to open your eyes because the answer is staring right at you.

You don’t have to examine the cube closely to see what the new stickers are for. Obviously, you can see parts of the days of the week on some of the sticks. And if you’ve noticed, the face that’s facing towards the bottom right has today’s date on it. So now, I don’t need a calendar anymore. Every day, I just have to change the cube’s configuration until it shows up with today’s date. Anyone who wants to try and solve this cube is only required to solve one side. That makes things a lot easier.

Rubik's cube

It’s convenient to have a name with three letters.