Please try your call again

I do not understand why people who call my cell phone and block their number. As soon as I see “Private” show up on the call display, I just ignore the call entirely. There’s a chance that it could be someone I could. But it might be someone making prank phone calls.

There are three conditions when I don’t answer a phone call. If anyone calls me and it during one of those three conditions, I don’t pick. If I check the call display and it’s someone I know and I think it’s important, I’ll pick. Usually, the call can wait.

If I’m on the road, I try not to answer my phone. I’m usually driving for 30-40min to work so whoever is calling should know that. My work schedule is the same every week and it’s not hard to remember. Anyone who calls me between 10:00pm and 11:00pm will not get an answer.

If I’m out of town, I don’t answer my phone either. My phone bill comes out to around $45/month. I prefer not to have to pay for extra charges due to roaming and long distance. Anyone who calls while I’m out of town will have their calls returned when I get in town.

The last condition is a blocked number. If the caller feels that it’s important to block their number from me than I feel that their call isn’t important to take. If it’s a friend of mine, what’s the point in blocking their number? How am I supposed to know who called if I missed the call? All the call log will say is that a private caller called from a private number. How am I supposed to guess who called? There are hundreds of numbers in my phone book and it’ll be a waste of time if I called each and every one of them and asked if they called me.

I can understand if you block number when you’re calling someone that doesn’t want to return your call. But you don’t do that to someone you know. You want them to know that you called so they will return you call.

I’ve had time where strangers will call me from an unblocked number and ask for someone I don’t even know. And sometimes I’ll have a conversation with them as if I did know them. A long time ago, during the summer, some girl called asking for her brother.

Girl: Hey!
Me: Hello.
Girl: Can I talk to Omi?
Me: Uhhh, I think you’ve got the wrong number.
Girl: No, I want to talk to Omi.
Me: Look, I don’t know anyone named Omi.
Girl: Okay, bye!

(5 minutes later)
Me: Uhhh.. Hello!
Girl: Can I talk to Omi?
Me: Look, you just called me and I’ve already told you I don’t know Omi.
Girl: Yes, you do. He just called me from that number.
Me: This is my cell phone and no one has used it but me.
Girl: Yeah, Omi used it.
Me: Who the hell is Omi?
Girl: Omi’s my brother. Now let me talk to him.
Me: There is no one named Omi here.
Girl: What’s your name?
Me: I’m Don and I don’t know Omi.
Girl: Yes, you do. If I don’t talk to Omi, I’m going to cry!
Me: Eh, don’t cry. Let me see if I can find Omi.

(I put the phone down and surf the net for a couple of minutes)
Me: Nope, Omi’s not here.
Girl: Yes he is! Why are you lying to me?
Me: Why would I like to you? I don’t even know you.
Girl: Yes, you do. I’m Omi’s sister. Now let me talk to Omi?
Me: Look! I’m in my room, in the basement of a house and there is no one named Omi here.

That’s when the girl started crying. In the background I could hear people and one of the voices sounded familiar. So I asked her who she was with. She said that she’s with some friends. I asked if she can put one of the guys on the phone.

Guy: Hello!
Me: Who is this?
Guy: It’s Tien.
Me: Yo, who’s that girl looking for?
Tien: Who are you?
Me: I’m your older brother, man?
Tien: Oh, the girl is a little drunk.
Me: Well, tell her to stop calling because Omi’s not there.
Tien: Aight, I will.
Me: Don’t give the phone back to her. I’m going to hang up. Delete my number off her phone.