Long delay

During the Boxing Day Sale, I placed an order for two 1GB SD memory from Futureshop. I understand that during the holiday season, I should expect some delays before the item arrives at my door. I didn’t think the delay would be three weeks long.

I placed an order for a PNY 2-Pack 1GB Secure Digital Cards on December 26, 2006. After the order was placed, Futureshop usually sends me another email to confirm that my order was received. But for this order, I didn’t receive confirmation until December 28, 2006. Again, I am expecting delays because of the holiday.

Futureshop: Processing

After I’ve received confirmation of the order, there’s usually another email to inform me that my order has been processed and shipped. I was expecting that email the following day but nothing arrived in my inbox. I thought nothing of it and waited patiently for the item.

A week later, I received another email from Futureshop. I was expecting it to be the shipment notification but it wasn’t. Instead of a shipment notice, it was a notice to inform me that they were out of stock. I don’t understand how they can be out of stock when the inventory count displayed that they had lots. If they were out of stock, I wouldn’t have been able to place the order at the beginning. Again, I thought nothing of it and waited patiently.

Futureshop: Out of stock

The other day, I decided to check up on Futureshop’s inventory to see if they had restocked. The site displayed an inventory count of over thirty items available and yet I didn’t get any notification that the item was shipped. From there, I decided to cancel the order because it was taking too long. I placed the order in December and at the time it’s getting now close to the middle of January but there was still no signs of shipment. I sent and email to Futureshop and asked them to cancel the order. I would have done it myself but there was no way to cancel it from the customer’s interface., at least, I couldn’t find one.

The transaction for the the purchase did not show up on my credit card yet so there wouldn’t have been any harm done. I decided that I might as well stop them from processing a transaction and just cancel it. I didn’t need the SD card right away anyway. So, the next email I was waiting to receive from Futureshop was confirmation that my order was canceled.

Instead, I get a notice that my item was shipped and is on its way to me. That’s funny, the item was shipped to me the same day that I threatened to cancel my purchase. The transaction was for only $30, I’m sure Futureshop could have lived without it. They replied to my order cancellation email by informing me that the item was sent. They didn’t mention anything about my cancellation request.

Futureshop: Item shipped

Sometimes, in order to speed things up, you need to take charge. Most company prefer to retain their customers and will do a lot in order to keep them. With some places, if you threatened to cancel, they’ll give you a better offer. They look at your history with them and see whether they’ll benefit by keeping you as a customer. There’s a word for that but I’m not business man and I don’t know. It’s like, the Customer/Risk Analysis Program or something.

Since I sent an email to complain about the delay, I think Futureshop had the order expedited and upgraded my method of shipping. They sent the package out on Saturday night and it arrived at my house on Monday morning. Usually the postal office don’t work on the weekend.