Black Cube: The arrival

I’m a sucker when it comes to mysteries and puzzles. I like to solve them because it feels good when you’ve figured out the answer without someone having to tell you. Curiosity has always been a characteristic of mine. Most of the time, I act upon it because I want to find out the answer. Rarely do I ever let the opportunity pass. I always need to know.

When I read about the Black Cubes, I was fascinated by the idea of Michelangelo Roberti. At the time of my previous post about the Black Cubes, there was only a handful sold. That number has now gone up fairly quickly to 65 over a matter of a couple of months. So it appears that the curiosity of the project is starting to unfold.

Back when I wrote about the project, I had ordered a cube. I wanted to get a specific number so I email Mr. Roberti and inquired about getting a specific number. At the time there was no option to select any number you wanted. You had to wait until your number came up. The number that I wanted was #25 which was about two cubes away. Mr. Roberti was kind enough to send me an email notification when the number came up. I jumped at the chance to get my number.

James Groves left a comment on my blog post about the Black Cubes and informed me that the option to select any number has been implemented. I think after that feature was added, Mr. Roberti was able to sell a lot more cubes.

Since business was starting to pick up, there was a bit of a delay before I received my cube. I emailed Mr. Roberti and asked about the delay. He replied and said that he “had to experiment a bit making cubes to get the best possible results. Now I finally found the way i want to make them, the way to cut the wood, to paint them, to package them, to make the number.” I’ve had nothing but prompt and courteous email communications with him. I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer for the cube. I was just worried that Canada Customs might had it and delayed the delivery.

When I received the parcel, I saw that Canada Custom had opened it and taped it back up. I guess their curiosity got the best of them too. It’s a good thing that they didn’t bust open the box or else it would have ruined a fine piece of art. I would have sued them too!

Black Cube

So here you have it. A mysterious black cube that contains a secret. A secret which only one man knows about. I could easily open it whenever I want to but that would defeat the purpose of the project. I have more than enough patients to leave it closed. I don’t know if anyone else has enough will power to do the same. It’s almost as if you’re getting a Christmas present that you’re not allowed to open… ever!

Black Cube

Inscribed on one of the cube’s faces is my number. I also received a certificate of authenticity which contains a code that I can use to check up whether it’s real or not. The postal documentation shows that it came from Italy so I’m sure it’s authentic.

So where do I go from here? I guess I’m off to play the waiting game to see how far this project goes. I’m going to have to hide it from people because I’m sure someone’s going to want to know its content. Being as curious as some people are, they might go as far as trying to pry the thing open until it eventually breaks. But I won’t allow them to do that. Would you care to take a guess at what’s inside? I’ll leave that mystery to the imagination.

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  1. I’d say that it’s Michelangelo Roberti’s secret since he’s probably the only person in the world right now that knows what’s inside. If I knew what’s in there then it’d be my secret but I don’t have a clue yet.

  2. Hi Don

    Today my cube arrived. It’s number 26 – and it’s even more beautiful, than I expected it to be! Me too, I will have to put it somewhere, where anybody knows about the cube hiding a secret. I told my family about the idea of Michelangelo constructing the 999 black cubes. They were amazed! And – of course – the children wanted to open it immediately. But no, I won’t let them do so! No! Never! Cube #26 will keep its secret – for sure!

  3. Hi Thomas,

    The same thing happened with me. My little brother wants to see what’s inside. I told him it was a secret but that only made him want to know more. I’ve been tempted a few times myself to find out. I shook gently a few times to see if there’s something moving.

    It’s a long way to go before all 999 are sold. I’m very eager to find out where this project goes. It’s kind of cool to know that someone has a number so close to mind. I wonder who has #24. I guess that’s a secret as well.

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