Twenty six

I can’t believe how fast the times are going. It’s already another year for me. I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far. When I was younger, I had only made goals for myself up until the age of twenty five. Anything after twenty five is a blank page and I make things up as I go along. From here on out, it’s going to be pretty random so come what may.

Walking down the road of life, I didn’t see myself go down the path that I’m at right now. When I was younger, I had only thought about of reaching this stage. My planning stopped as soon as I got to the beginning of this road. Now, I have no idea where to go from here.

January 13, 2007

I had plans to finish school, get a job and build a business. I’m done with school. I have a full time job. And my business is slowly being built. I guess I can say that those goals have been met. If it works out, things should get better form here.

Even though it should be getting better, I feel like I’m missing something. I think I’m missing that special someone to share all these achievements with. It’s not that I’m not trying or anything, it’s just that I don’t have much time to do anything about it. I had a suspicious as to why I’m still single and my friend Carole may have proved that suspicious right.

When I was working at the library, I was around a lot of girls. I was with them so much that I would get in trouble for it. The manager of the floor would speak with my supervisor and he would speak to me about it. But that didn’t stop me from interacting with the ladies.

Everyone who didn’t know the other girl that I was with would assume that the girl was my girlfriend. Just a while ago, I was with another girl at the mall and my friend thought that she was my girlfriend. I guess from a female point of view, if she doesn’t know me well enough, it looks like I’m already taken because all the good ones usually are. But not this one.

I know that sometimes I can be a flirt but according to one of my ex-girlfriends, I wouldn’t know if another girl was flirting with me. So a girl might be flirting with me and I would take it as nothing and say something back is if it was nothing. If the girl is flirting with me and I say something back, she’s probably thinking that I’m flirting back. But I wouldn’t know that, now would I?

I probably wouldn’t have known back then but now, I’m pretty sure I can pick out if a girl is flirting with me or not. If it just so happens that there’s a lot of them doing that but it can’t be help. Now I’m no Casanova or anyone so girls aren’t just throwing themselves at me (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea, hint hint). But anyway, I can worry about that stuff later.

I had nothing planned for my birthday. I just wanted to relax and catch up on my sleep. I was sleeping for half the day yesterday but my friend came over to drop off a present. And while he was he, we cracked up the Sambuca and took a shot.

Flaming Sambuca

Then he went to his car and grabbed a bottle of Malibu, a lady’s drink. I’ve never had that before either. It wasn’t as strong as the Sambuca though. The Malibu was a coconut flavoured drink while the Sambuca was liquorish flavoured with something like 21% and 38% alcohol, respectively. When I took a shot of Sambuca, I didn’t know what to expect. The thing burned as it went down, almost like Crown Royal.

I’m not even supposed to be drinking this much but in the last twelve hours, I’ve already had three shots. Well, maybe the count is close to four because I tried the Sambuca with coffee. On the bottle, it says that you can drink it with coffee beans so why not coffee itself? Come to think of it, alcohol with milk and sugar doesn’t seem like a good combination. Every time I drank the coffee, it made me go, “Ecckkkekckc.” You know the sounds that dolphins make?

Surprisingly, it didn’t do anything. I was hoping to get some kind of buzz after the first two but nothing happened. Maybe I’m becoming more tolerant with the amount of alcohol that I can consume.

Yeah… Hi, my name is Don and I’m an alcoholic.

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  1. I didn’t realize you were an alcoholic. How could I have been so stupid? and where did you learn to speak dolphin? don you are just so on top of everything. Maybe you could impress a lady with your dolphin impressions 😉

  2. hehehe… oh yeah! girls love it when I talk dolphin to them… it’s a real turn on..

    it’s kinda like winking and gesturing my hand like a gun and then saying ‘click click’.. but dolphin talk is like 10x cooler!

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