A bit too long

Wanna mentioned to me early this week that my blogs were rather lengthy. When I type out my posts, I don’t know how long they’re going to be. I only know that I start with a subject and I don’t stop writing until I get my points across. I don’t want to summarize something unless I really have to. In a blog, I don’t see the need to summarize.

In high school, I was taught that the opening and closing paragraphs are the most important pieces of an essay. Actually, I think they’re basically the same thing. The opening paragraph states what you’re going to talking about while the close paragraphs states what you’ve just talked about. But you get the point. It gives the readers an idea of what the paper is about.

The introductory paragraph acts like a road maps and guides the readers along the path that you will take them. In this part of the essay, you introduce your readers to the topic, make a few key points and you give them a purpose to your writing. Most of which can be said in one sentence.

In the summary paragraph, you remind your readers what they’ve just read and reiterate the points that you’ve just made. But reiterating the points isn’t quite necessary. The summary paragraph is exactly what it is, a summary. Its purpose is to reinforce your main topic.

Since high school, every paper I’ve written have been lengthy. It’s just a way of writing that I’m used to. I start with the opening paragraph and I explain what the blog is about. Then I go into detail and start explaining my points. Oftentimes, I have a lot of points to make and a lot of things to say. It can’t be helped that my blogs are long.

Blogs comes in all shapes and sizes but the majority of them are just brief entries consisting of five paragraphs or less. During the first few months of blogging, my posts were rather short. But as I age and start to get a different perspective on life, I’m more observant of things. I get into the nitty gritty details and I don’t stop until I feel that I’ve had enough.

As a warning to everyone, I think my blog posts will only get longer from here on in. I’ll be sure to give you a briefing in the opening and closing paragraphs so you’ll have an idea as to whether you want to read it or not. The posts are just things that I’m noticing at the time and I write it out in hopes that someone else might have noticed the same thing. We’re all here to try and figure out what to do with our lives. If writing out blogs will somehow lead me to an answer, then I’ll write until I can’t write no more.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a concept that I didn’t quite understand until I took up photography. Inside every picture are many events that are just waiting to be found. Looking at the picture as a whole, you’ll see one thing. But as you delve into the picture you’ll see a whole lot more. You might even see things that you’ve never noticed before. When that you get that revelation, the picture takes on a whole new story.