Happy Birthday Tonee!

Today is my little brother’s 15th birthday. Wait, I have to do the calculations because I don’t know it off the top of my head (subtract two, carry the one…) Yeah, he’s 15. But he’s not that little anymore. He’s kind of big. I think he’s a bit bigger than I am, just not as tall.

We’ve spent fifteen years under the same roof and I barely know the kid. If you were to ask me about him, I can probably give you a physical description of him. But if you were to ask me how about interests and hobbies, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Not knowing much about him made it a little hard to get him a present. I didn’t have much time to run around looking for stuff. I could get him some clothes but he’s a high school kid and I’m sure he’s got his own taste in fashion. I bought my own clothes when high school and I rarely wore anything that other people bought me. I’m sure he would prefer to pick out his own clothing style.

I still remember him when he was little and trust me, he has changed a lot. I got along with him really well when he was a baby. I’m good with kids but I don’t know how. But now that he’s all grown up, I hardly communicate with him. I’m not home enough to say anything to my siblings. I haven’t been much of a big brother these days. I don’t know if I can make up for that. The younger brothers seem to spend more time with the two brothers that are younger than me. I’ve noticed how much alike those guys are. They’re nothing like me.

This is the reason why my resolution, year after year, is to spend more time with my family. I would like to get to know them and find out who they are. I want to find out who I am too. My immediate family is my best link to the past. As it stands, I don’t much about past.

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  1. Yeah, the later generation grow so fast and big 🙂 My little cousin is just 10 now, but he looks like when I was 12 or 13.
    In Cambodia, we have much time for family reunite.
    Anyways, I love this post. You may know why??!! :o)

  2. The ‘growing up so fast and big’ thing must be some sort of genetic mutation…

    I know why you like the post and I’ll try to keep it like that… but I guarantee nothing… I’ll look into break up the posts into parts if I can…

  3. Don, even tho we barelly talk.. we’re still brothers by blood. Thanks for the gift anyways. About the clothes.. i practicaly wear your roots sweater but I haven’t ahd time to wear the complete suit. Hobbies and interests if some are wondering.. I like hanging out with the “crew” playing poker ect. on my spare time.. playing football once I get a chance to.. going to be playing for SJAM’s Jr. Tackle footbal team keep up the family Tradition. I think Don has played football in his high school years, my brother Thoeun. have no clue.. Bontha for sure he played and won the Championships… Anyways. thanks for the birthday wish Don. even tho I’m 3 days late >.

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