Get off me

A while ago, I wrote about a dream that I had where I couldn’t move. Last night, I was awakened because of something similar. This is probably one of the weirdest dreams that I’ve ever had. It’s hard to explain why dreams like these are occurring because it crosses the borderline between what’s real and what’s fake. Please be forewarned that this post is rather lengthy so unless you have some time to kill, you might want to come back another time.

I was up late one night because I was roaming around the internet reading blogs and watching videos. I didn’t want to get to bed early because that would mean I would be awake early in the morning. I didn’t want to be up that early because I had to work the night shift. If I awake early in the morning, it would mean that I’ll be tired by the time I start my shift. So I stayed up until 6:00am because that was when I started to get tired. I closed my eyes and fell asleep rather quickly.

I went into a dream state and started dreaming about leaving work. In this dream, I wasn’t surrounded by buildings but that fact didn’t click at first. I was in my car, driving on a dirty road, surrounded by a lot of vegetations. To the right, I can see that there was construction going on. A bulldozer was loading huge chucks of rock into a dump truck. I signaled to turn right and process to ease my foot off the brakes.

As I drove pass the bull dozer, another car was pushing his garbage out. The garbage was on wheels so I guess the driver was too lazy to put the garbage out himself. After the garbage was in place, he drove and stopped at the end of his driveway. This was an odd looking driveway because it was surrounded by nothing but bushes. I don’t even recall seeing a house. And the car wasn’t a junky car either. This driver was pushing his garbage with an Audi. The bumper didn’t have a single scratch on it. Since it was a dream, I ignored all of that.

When I passed the Audi, the road started to incline. I saw a dump truck heading my way. This truck was huge and took up the whole dirt road. I had to put my car into reverse and back up so the truck and get through and join the other construction vehicles. I had to back up all the way to where I had initially started.

I waited for the dump truck to appear. It took a while so I started drive. When I got in front of the Audi, I saw that there was a giant sinkhole that prevented the truck from moving forward. It could have easily driven over the vegetation but it didn’t. I didn’t want to wait so I drove over the sinkhole. There was enough room so that three of my tires would be over the sinkhole at any time. In reality, my car would have fallen into the whole but in this dream, I drove right over it.

I continued down the dirt road until I reached a cliff. When I got out of the car, I saw that i was no longer on a dirt road but on top of a giant rock. The view from up here was spectacular. I was in the desert and everywhere I looked, I could see mountains. This rock appeared to be about fifty feet high. The weird thing was that I had no idea how I got on top of it. Surrounding me and my car was nothing but a fifty foot drop. The dirt road that I had traveled on had vanished.

Looking across from me, I saw another guy who was in the same situation. He didn’t have a car though. He was just standing on the rock and enjoying the view. I didn’t want to stay on top of this rock so I decided to go down. I went feet first because that’s the only way I could descend. After taking a couple of steps down, I couldn’t move. That was when I started gaining control of the dream. I couldn’t move a muscle so I came to the conclusion that I was dreaming. Once I understood that, everything started to make sense.

Everything did make sense except for the fact that I couldn’t move. I told myself that since this is my dream, I can do whatever I want. My next decision was to wake up since I wasn’t going to go anywhere in the dream. I woke up but not in reality. I woke up in the dream and then slowly phased back into the dream world.

I was still in the same state as before, attempting to descend the rock but this time I able to move again. I descended down the rock a couple more steps when I heard my brother. He wanted to go for a swim. I heard his voice but I had no idea where he was. I told him that we were in the middle of the desert and that there’s probably no water for miles. He replied and said that there’s water at the bottom of the rock.

I noticed that there was a hole close to where I was hanging. I looked through it and saw that there was a lake in it. When I turned back to look at my surroundings, the whole area was filled with water. I was no longer on a fifty foot rock but at the edge of a lake. There was no reason for me to climb down so I climbed back up. As I walked close to my car, I could hear people playing in the water. I walked over to see who it was and saw my friends.

There were three of them and they were swimming in the lake. They came out of the water when they saw me. One of them brought out his digital camera that was in his pocket. I think it was a new model, one that was waterproof. The others and I got together while the other friend took the picture. Before he took the picture, I started to phase out of the dream state and back into reality.

Or at least, I thought it was reality. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was lying in bed. My vision was out of focus so it took a while to see where I was. When my vision cleared up, I saw that I was looking at a shelf that was between the wall and my bed. I was looking at a container but its content wasn’t clear yet. As the content came into focus, I saw that there wasn’t just one but two combs in the container. I don’t remember having a comb by my bed. Beside that container was another one but in that container were tooth brushes. Two combs and two tooth brushes only meant that I was sharing my bed with someone else.

I turned to look and saw that my girlfriend was lying there, fast asleep. The sun was slowly coming up but it wasn’t bright enough to see her face yet. I wanted to see who she was but then I started to phase out of this dream into something else. That something else felt more like the real world but then I phased back into the dream.

By the time I phased back into the dream, my girlfriend was awake and talking to me. She said something to me that I understood. I couldn’t understand why I understood it because I wasn’t familiar with the language. It was as if I was only able to understand what she said when she said it. Right now, I can’t recall a single word she said.

After she finished, she turned to me and said the same thing. By then, I had no idea what she said. That was when things started to get freak. This girlfriend turned into a dark shadowy figure and it spoke English. I told me that if I don’t wake up now, it was going to strangle me until I died. I told it that this was my dream and I don’t intend to lose.

The dark figure proceeded to wrap its hands around my neck and squeeze. I couldn’t breathe. I was thinking to myself, “Why can’t I breathe?” This was supposed to be a dream so anything that this evil was doing wouldn’t affect me. Again, he warned me to wake up or die. I had no choice because I couldn’t breathe. I tried to wake myself up but I couldn’t at first. I started to panic and I could feel my heart pumping.

I focused harder and managed to wake up. When I woke up, I still couldn’t breathe. Not only couldn’t I breathe but I couldn’t move as well. I thought maybe I was still dreaming but it felt different. You know when you’re having a nightmare and you wake up, your heart is beating like there’s no tomorrow and you get this weird tingling sensation over your whole body? That was the feeling that I was getting at the time.

When I came to, I was more relieved that I was awake then being able to breathe again. I’ve had a few other dreams that was similar to this. Dreams where I wasn’t able to breathe because some dark figure is strangling me. It’s almost like something out of the Matrix. If you die in the Matrix, you die in the real world. This stuff is freaky!

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  1. OMG! Don, I had the same freaky kinda dream before. Someone told me it’s sleep paralysis or something like that. And it’s like.. you’re conscious but your body is still unconscious! BAH! Worst feeling ever. I was like.. panicking because I didn’t know what to do.

  2. I think I told you about that in the other blog… hehehe… it IS probably one of the worse feelings ever.. after time, I guess I just got use to it…

  3. I love watching horror dreams (nightmares), they are so much fun to watch, may be because some part of a person knows its not true and you are only dreaming, but they look so real like a person is there and then. Most of the time I do remember what I saw in my dream or nightmare, for some reason if I wake up I try to go back to sleep and think what I have seen so the dream or nightmare will start from there but it never happens.I am not sure about that weird tingling sensation feeling; the only thing I know is that if I have seen a nightmare for some reason my t-shirt back feels sweaty, if I touch it is dry as a desert. I hate that feeling, and its is so uncomfortable…

  4. The nightmares that you’re getting is nothing. Wait till you get the ones that prevents you from moving, then we’ll see if you like getting them.

    That tingling sensation is similar to the time when your feet falls asleep but this one doesn’t tickle.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing that Don. I had exactly the same thing happen last night, except just the reoccurring of wakeing up. Started out simple, i woke up (but not in reality) and turned my light switch on, but then realised i was dreaming. Then again i woke up (but not in reality), but this time something was holding me down, and all i wanted to do is turn my light on. Again this happened but this time i started to fight what was holding me down, and got to my light switch but it was like it was broken. It got worse and worse, til in my dream i screamed at whatever was holding me down, then i realised i was asleep, a faught myself to wake up. I think i was then awake in reality but couldnt move and had this weird tingling all over.

    Damn one of the scariest things i’ve experienced, and i’ve had what is described as out of body experiences, preminition type dreams that come true EXACTLY. But this took the cake, not being able to move and feeling like something is holding you down or sitting on your chest, and then to top it off the whole body tingling.

    To make it worse, my light was on and i know for sure when i went to sleep it was off…

    kinda still a little freaked, but glad to know im not alone 🙂

  6. Hey Rach,

    It’s a scary feeling indeed. I know of a few people that this has happened to and their stories seemed a lot scarier than what I went through. I don’t see the thing that’s holding me down but other people have said that they have.

    And I agree. I think most will find comfort when they talk about it and hear that others have experienced something similar.

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