Tight deadlines

Since the beginning of December, Project One has been attending meetings after meetings with a client for a web designing contract. This was our first big contract and we all wanted to do a good job at it. If the client is pleased with our work, it could lead to more work and we can start to build our network of clients. For now, we have to approach the clients ourselves if we want to find work. Our goal is to one day become big enough so that our clients are coming to us. It’s a small goal and it can be achieved if we work hard enough.

With Christmas and other holidays in the way, it was hard to get things done. The original deadline that was set was January 6th, 2007 which happens to be today. But we’re running into some unforeseen issues regarding website layout and it is putting us behind. At the time, we had a little issue with timing.

It was hard for everyone to get together even for a meeting. Booking a meeting was quite difficult due to scheduling dilemmas. There were a lot of back and forth email communications between the clients and us but we managed set a date to meet up at their office to talk things over.

I had trouble attending meetings during the week because I was sleeping after my night shift. One of my business partners had a hard time attending during the week because of school and transportation issues. The other couldn’t really attend during the week because he works full time at his job.

The one partner could attending the meeting after work but it wouldn’t make sense for him to go in alone since we’re all doing the project together. It’s better if all of us are there so we all understand what the client is looking for. The other guys have their own special talents that they bring to the company. I have my knowledge of programming, designing and a general idea about everything else.

With me working full time nights, I was expecting to do the least amount of work because I would be sleeping most of the time. That didn’t turn out to be the case and I don’t know why that is either. I sleep from 9:00am to 5:00pm. When I wake up, I’m driving my brother to work.

Back in December, I was working overtime so there were days where I would head out to Mississauga right after I dropped off my brother. I had no time to contribute to the project. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make a good impression on this client. Since it was our first big client, I wanted to do a good job.

When it came close to the meeting date, we practically had nothing to show the clients. Originally, we had some designs that they were interested in but they wanted something more appealing. The design that I made was all we had to go on. I had no more ideas left on how to redesign my designs in order to fit the image of the website that they were looking for. And it’s hard to think of things when you’re half asleep all the time.

When you’re stuck in a predicament like mine, you can use all the help that you can get. It’s nice to have some back up but the back up that I have are busy doing there things that are apparently more entertaining than work. If I can’t rely on these guys to get work done then who can I rely on? I had to take up a higher workload in order to meet the deadline. I had to contact the client and let them know that we’re a little behind. I had to do the necessary research to figure out a way around the layout dilemma. I had to write code to implement the new work around. I had to stay awake after working the night shift in order to complete the project. I had to do all of this in order to satisfy the client.

I am not one to take charge of things because I don’t like to have to tell people what to do. The one reason why I didn’t want to be an owner of a company is because one day I would have to boss someone around. I don’t have it in me to tell people to do things for me when I can do them myself. But it looks like I’ll have to step in and take control before the situation gets out of hand.

Taking on a ninety percent workload on a job that should be split equally three ways is quite the task. I’m doing majority of the work that requires three people. It’s a lot of stress to be putting on one person but I guess sometimes a little stress is good. I have a limited amount of free time. I get two days off work and I would prefer to be sleeping during those days off but I can’t because I have other priorities. Given the amount of manpower that we have, this project should have been finished a long time ago. But with some obstacles along the way, we had some minor delays.

When you have your own company to run, you’re putting a lot at stake. Your name and reputation is on the line. It’s great that we’ve received positive feedbacks from past clients but the positive feedbacks will be hard to maintain if we keep working like this. This is a team project and everyone involved needs to work together to get the job done. I understand that our timing might be a bit off but that’s no excuse. I’m trying to be as professional as I can about this but there’s only so much that one can do.

I would like to keep things on the up side so I don’t want to create any inner turmoil between the other guys. We’re not kids anymore so I shouldn’t have to babysit everyone to make sure that the work is being done. That’s the thing with side projects. We can easily lose focus on the task at hand but we shouldn’t have lost this much focus. If I was working for a company rather than running my own, this project could have been completed within a week’s time.

Right now, all I can do is continue with the project and hope that I complete it on time. The client has already made a down payment so we owe it to them to produce a final product. With or without the help of the others, I intend to deliver on what we, as a team promised the client. That’s my way of doing business. I may not be the best business man in the world, but I know enough to keep a promise that I made. A legal binding contract may be nothing but a piece of paper but it’s a piece of paper with my name on it.

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  1. Yah.. group work sucks when people don’t help out and you have to haul ass all by yourself. I say, whatever amount of work you do, the pay cut should be reflected upon that. :O! Maybe someone will do some work now! *shocked*

  2. hehehe… it’s an partnership company so the pay gets divided 3 ways… i don’t care too much about money, I just want to get the project completed. The guys can work on the next project while I take a break…

  3. No, I understand that it’s not always about money, but I’m sure if you decide to split it like that, it might motivate some other people to work harder. But I guess if u split it 3 ways even, those who get money who didn’t do their share of work should realize that and work harder on the next project. 😛

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