11 replies on “Mirror, mirror”

  1. Yeah, I haven’t taken any pictures in almost a month. I’ll be taking some more shots of Mississauga soon. I want to get a shot of the Civic Centre, I think that’s what it is….

  2. This is a really nice shot.. I am also learning to be a photographer.. Glad to find such nice shots from a fellow Cambodian.. Keep it up, bro.

  3. Thanks Mongkol!

    I haven’t learned half as much as I should about photography. The pictures that I’m taking now are just practice per se. I want to get some more practice but there hasn’t been anything interesting to capture yet.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  4. lol.. yea… i cant begin to imagine people’s reaction when the elevator door opens seeing some dude trying to take a picture of himself… ;D

  5. hahaha… I’m sure they won’t mind. I’ll just pop a Mentos into my mouth and they’ll know it’s all good… they might even start posing for me…

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