Time’s Person of the Year

A lot of people may not know it, but this year, Time Magazine has chosen me as their Person of the Year. It’s because of me that the internet has turned out the way it is. The high traffic websites are popular because I’m visiting them every day. I feel honoured that Time Magazine has chosen me.

Okay, so they chose you as well but this is my blog post. In 2006, the web was dominated by users like you and I. Most of the big sites out there are big because they were driven by us. It’s for that reason that Time Magazine has made us their Person of the Year.

The internet has changed a lot since it first came out. Back in the day, only the rich could afford access to the web. Today, the internet connects just about everyone with some sort of electronic device. Connection was limited to just computer but nowadays, almost everything connects to the net somehow. Functionality of the web, as I recall it, was limited to accessing information. Now, you can do just about anything from reading to shopping online to making long distance phone calls. I’ve grown to be very dependent on the internet for my daily things.

I spend the majority of my time online whether I’m at work or at home. I seldom go out and do anything anymore because I have enough things online to keep me occupied. It may sound like it’s something boring but boring to you isn’t the same boring to me. My idea of boring is just sitting around staring at the wall. A party goer’s definition of boring would be the things that I do online. The definition of the word varies depending on what you would consider fun.

There are lots of fun things you can do online. The online world is still booming. I don’t think the internet has reached its maturity yet. When it seemed like nothing new could come out of it, Web 2.0 shows up and changes thing. It allowed for more interaction between users which in turn started building online communities. I jumped on to the Web 2.0 bandwagon in hopes to start a community of my own. A community that consists of my friends and family and anyone that reads my blog.

Blogging has changed my world a lot. I use to be the type of guy that kept everything inside. No one knew anything about me because I was so secretive. Now, I think I have enough blog posted to print out and turn into a book. And a pretty thick one too. The book could even be a best seller. After all, my life is based on a true story.

I blog about things with hopes that I start up some sort of discussion. At the moment, there isn’t much of a discussion going since the blog post is almost equivalent to the number of comments posted. Half of those comments are probably mine since I reply to the comments that people post. I take the time to respond to my readers. It’s no wonder I’m the person of the year.

My blog wouldn’t be anything without you guys though. One of the main reasons why I write so often is because of you. If it wasn’t for that reason, I wouldn’t be blogging at all. Blogging is a good way to keep track of things but I’m not blogging for my own health. Just knowing the fact that someone is visiting my site to read something that I’ve written is enough encouragement to make me write more. Some of the things that I write are boring but it can’t be helped. Everyone who writes eventually gets writer’s block somewhere along the road. In order to keep people coming back, I needed to write filler materials while I think of something interesting to write about.

There are times when I’ll just write and come up with something that might be thought provoking. I enjoy writing those types of blogs because it gets the readers thinking about what’s going on in their lives. When I read a response to that post, I find it comforting to know that other people share the same opinion as I do. The reader can be half way around the globe and could be going through the same thing that I’m going through. We are worlds apart and yet we share a common ground.

That’s another thing as well. It never ceases to amaze me how much the internet has connected everyone in the world. I’m in Canada but I can be chatting with my friends overseas in Vietnam or China and it’ll seem like they’re right here. It’s amazing to know that they’re thousands of kilometers away and yet their messages arrive on my computer screen almost instantly after they send it. The internet has erased the borders and limitations of physical communications. I no longer have to be in the same room in order to speak with someone in the same household.

The internet wouldn’t be where it is today without people like you and I. Thanks to us, sites like Digg, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook have made a big name for themselves. These sites are driven by its users and without us, they wouldn’t be as popular as they are now. My site wouldn’t be what it is today either without visitors that comes here on a daily basis. No matter how small the numbers are, I’m just glad that there are people reading this. So congratulations on being the Person of the Year. Your fruit basket is in the mail.