It’s already 2007

My, where has the time gone? Is it just me or do the days seem to pass by quicker and quicker every year? The older I get, the faster time seems to be flowing. It must be some kind of psychological thing that is making time appear to zoom by. I don’t remember it moving this fast when I was younger.

As I’m typing this, I can hear the music bumping from the club that’s down the street. The music has been blasting since the time I got into the office. Yes, it’s New Year’s Day (or night, rather) and I’m in the office, working away. While other people are out celebrating the start of another year, I am doing the same thing that I do every night. I sit in front of the computer and solve customer issues.

I’ve got my own little celebration going though. I’ve got a bag of regular Lays potato chips and a bottle of Pepsi. I’m going to party it out solo tonight. That’s if I get a chance to sit back and relax for a bit. The customers don’t like to take holidays. Although it’s early in the morning, that doesn’t stop any of them from calling in. Who on earth calls to customer service at 2:00am in the morning during the holidays?

I don’t mind having to come to work though because I had nothing planned for New Year’s. Most of my friends are out drinking and getting hammered but I don’t drink much. After getting drunk a few times before, I’ve vowed that I wouldn’t drink anymore. Well, I’ll still drink, just not to the point where I’m throwing up. So far so good. The only thing I’ll be drinking tonight is Pepsi. Once I run out of Pepsi, I’ll be drinking water. Fun stuff, eh?

New Year’s Eve is just another night that people use as an excuse to drink. They don’t have to worry about going into work the next day so they get themselves hammered the night before. I drink socially and I have yet to understand why people like drinking as often as they do. I’ve drank but not enough to get a hangover the next morning. I find it that I sleep a lot better if I’ve had something to drink. Something about the spinning room puts me to sleep very quickly.

The thing that I do mind about having to work during the holiday is the fact that everything else is closed. I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before leaving Hamilton but nothing was opened. It wasn’t even 10:00pm yet so I had assumed that some places would be opened for a bit longer. I drive into the McDonald’s drive-thru and found that there were at least two cars in front of me. Everyone was sitting there for a good two minutes before the passenger of the first car got out. She walked up to the drive-thru window and then came back. She said something to the car in front of me and then they drove ahead. I thought that maybe they knew each other and she had ordered for him.

It turned out that she walked up ahead to the drive-thru window and saw that there was no one in the restaurant. I was at the order station for about a minute before driving off. As I drive pass the dining area, I could see that the restaurant was deserted. This restaurant is a 24hrs restaurant so they’re usually opened but I guess because it’s New Year’s Eve, they closed early.

My next target would be to stop by Wendy’s. They’re not opened 24/7 but they’re usually opened late. The closest one was in Burlington but it was on the way to Mississauga so I stopped by. The restaurant was still lit and I saw a customer sitting in the dining room. There was also someone by the cash as well. Finally, a restaurant that was still opened.

When I got to the order station, I sat there for five minutes. Having worked in fast food before, I know that the workers are aware that I’m sitting there. Their headset should be beeping like crazy because they haven’t responded to me yet. I’ve been to Wendy’s before when they had closed for the night. The employee that was working drive-thru was kind enough to let me know that they were closed. Whoever was working the drive-thru station at this location thought it wasn’t necessary to inform me that they were closed. They would prefer that I just sit there and find out on my own. They probably had a bunch of ignoramus working that shift.

I don’t like having to go to work on an empty stomach but I had no choice today. I did manage to buy a little snack from the gas station but it’s not much. Everything at a gas station is overpriced no matter how small it is. A bag of chips that you can buy for $2 is probably twice the price at a gas station. You’d think that with all the money that they’re making with gas, they’d give you a break on the in-store items. Gas station owners are greedy so they look to make a profit anywhere they can.

Bah! It’s the New Year and already I’m ranting about something. It just never seems to stop, now does it? Here’s to the start of a new year! I hope everyone enjoy themselves last night. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone getting too drunk yet. I was surprised to see that there were quite a few people on MSN. I wouldn’t blame them. There’s not much to do on New Year’s anyway. It’s just another day.