New Year’s Resolution: 2007

The new year is upon us. I can’t believe how fast 2006 has gone by. It only seems like last month that I made up a resolution for 2006 and now I’m making another one. My list from last year was quite long and I tried to do what I could to achieve everything on that list. Well, not everything, but I did what I could with what I had.

The end of the year is always a time where we reflect on the past and attempt to make changes for the future. I do a lot of reflecting all year round so it’s nothing new to me. Usually around this time, there’s that tradition of making a list of what you hope to achieve in the new year. Last year, I made a New Year’s Resolution with eight items on it. I think I managed to keep one of the resolutions. Well, maybe a couple more but I didn’t do quite a good job with the other ones.

The one resolution that I did managed to keep was to increase my efforts to get a better job. Although the job that I have now isn’t the best job in the world, it’s better than the previous one. I could do better but right now I’m liking where I’m at. Given enough time, things should get better from here on. So I’m going to try very hard to make sure I achieve more of my goals. Heck, that’s a resolution right there.

Spend more time with family and friends
I think that the relationship you have with your family and friends is a very important one. I’ve spent time with my family but I don’t think it’s enough. My night shift is taking away all that free time. I’m going to try and make use of my waking hours and spend more time with them. Also, due to the night shift, I’m missing out on the get togethers with my friends. This year, I made an effort to visit as much people as I can but it’s hard when everyone is scattered around. When they throw little parties, I can’t attend it because I’m too tired. The night shift takes a lot out of you.

Get fit
I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I think I need to start exercising. The holiday season didn’t put much weight on me because of my fast metabolism but that shouldn’t be a reason not to exercise. I never liked exercising much because I didn’t see the need for it. I always assumed that I was fit but I’m starting to change my definition of fit. I’m 5’11 and weigh 155lbs and according to those numbers, my body mass index (BMI) is 21.6 which is normal for someone in my category. I think I need a little more fat and maybe some extra muscles. Everyone says I look too skinny. I think it’s because I’m so tall. But then again, if I was fat, they’d complain about me being too fat. You can never please anyone. They always find something wrong with you. But I guess I’ll take that as a hint to better myself.

Get rid of debts
I was almost out of debt but the holiday season put it back in it. I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t have a debt of some sort. It was probably before I started college. I don’t remember owning a credit card in high school. I’m hoping that 2007 will be the year where I can get rid of debts and actually use my money for something good rather than paying back credit card companies all the time. I’m going to have to cut up all of my credit and left one for emergencies. I highly doubt those emergencies will come up but you never know. And I have to stop lending money to people. They’re the cause of me being in debt in the first place. Everything that I owe to the credit card companies right now are money that people have borrowed from me. I’ll have to put a stop to the borrowing from now on.

Learn to cook
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I can’t cook at all. I can cook rice but that’s not really considered cooking. I just put the rice into the pot, add water and stick it in the cooker. I push a button and the cooker does its magic. But I do know how to cook eggs four different ways. If I was to live on my own, I would have rice and eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And maybe a little soy sauce for flavour. Since I can cook eggs four different ways, I’ll have somewhat of a variety but that’s not the kind of variety that I had in mind. Plus, I need to stop eating out so much if I want to start saving money. If I get good enough with cooking, I’ll invite you guys to a dinner party. If I don’t get good enough, I’ll still invite but I’ll be serving rice and four different varieties of eggs.

Learn a new language
I’ve always been fascinated with languages no matter which language is spoken. It amazes me how people are able communicate with each other using different language. I could sit there and just listen to people having a conversation and not get bored. Well, I understand English well enough so I’ll easily get bored listening to that conversation but any other language will do. Throughout the years, I’ve been picking up small bits and pieces of different languages. By the time I learn the new language, I’m starting to forget the previous language. I think I should try and focus on one language before moving on to the next. Since I have a lot of Chinese friends, I think I’ll start with that, be it Cantonese or Mandarin. I can pick out words in a song now but not enough to full understand the whole lyrics but it’s more than what I understood before. I’m hoping to improve on what I know and hopefully one day, I’ll be good enough to have a conversation with a Chinaman. 好

I don’t want to make a big list this year. New Year’s resolution should be small so you can be sure that you’ll achieve every goal you put on that list. With a big list, you’ve got a lot to go on but if you find that you’re not achieving any of those goals, it doesn’t help. With a small list, every goal that you achieve will inspire you to go for the next goal.

I think these goals are realistic enough that I’ll be able to achieve them in the new year. I’m headed in the right directions for a couple of them already so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the rest. I hope that 2007 is the year where I’ll actually keep my resolution rather than breaking them.

I hope you guys don’t get too drunk tonight! If you’re going to drunk make sure you’ve got a designated driver with you. I’ll be stuck at work, counting down the New Year at the office. Nice way to start the New year, eh? Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy new year mang… well don’t we all say hope this is the year where we’ll actually keep our resolution rather than breaking them…but at the end we end up breaking them…
    well this year i am will try not to eat pizza at all cuz now my family start calling me Mr dough cuz i have spent $1609.79 (in whole year) on pizza pizza 🙁
    second resolution is to lose 60 pounds…

    thats it… i think its small enough… but hard… not really sure how i am going to save money by not eating pizza and at the same time lose weight… lets see how it goes… if you have any tips plz let me know…

    oh ya if you want to learn how to cook i can teach you i am a descent cook but in return you have to teach me PHP… hehehe

  2. Well, you can spend your money on other types of food. If you’re a descent cook, maybe you can cook your own pizza? It’s not hard to do, I’ve done it before.

    I think I’ll try to learn to cook on my own. I find that I learn better when I do things on my own. As for PHP, there are tutorials all over the internet. It’s not a hard language to learn. If you understand logic, it should be easy.

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